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CD Review: Auradrone “Bleeding Edge”

                                                                                                                             Auradrone’s new album, Bleeding Edge, has a darker sounding edge than their first album. The title fits their sound–being ahead of the curve, that is. Auradrone consists of Jon Mack, lead singer, guitar, electronics; Fred Traverso and Christopher Fudurich, electronics. Their sound is very reminiscent of Mew, Muse, The Cure, Nine Inch Nails, and the list goes on. Auradrone recently gave me a sneak peak of the new album.

            “Starseed” is a very interesting track. The moment the music begins, I imagine leaving the Earth and beginning a celestial journey in search of the place I came from…. The sensual overtones in the lyrics almost feel like almost like a cosmic dance between two celestial bodies, attracted to each other, dancing a cosmic dance in the heavens. The sensual voice of Jon Mack and the celestial sounds make this song worth listening to.

            “Blink of an Eye” has an enigmatic sound. The lyrics are abstract–until you understand them. When I hear the lyrics, I am reminded of some kind of ancient mythology where a goddess is talking about a complex relation with her love. In ancient myths, the divine had the same feelings and sensations as did mortals. The interpretation of the song may vary from person to person. Each time I listen to this song, I hear something different, and I get drawn into it once again.

            “The Escape” is a song that is more down to earth in my opinion. The first thing that comes to mind when I hear the lyrics is that no one likes to be tied down  The metallic electric beats in the beginning  picture someone chained. When the sounds grow, I picture the captive planning “The Escape.” The powerful lyrics in this song tell of a man who shows his true colors and hides his lady away from the rest of the world. If you suppress or censor someone long enough, they will explode from their suppression, and there is nothing the captor can do to stop them. The video featuring Callum Blue and Tony Ward captures the true essence of the song perfectly–or as well as the pictures your mind will draw as you listen.

            This sneak peak of Bleeding Edge is dark, sensual, and enigmatic. The electric rock sounds and powerful lyrics cement another hit for Auradrone . The fans will love it. Listening to these tracks did give me a sensation of traveling through the cosmos. On Earth, Bleeding Edge seems like it will be a good album. I can’t wait for its release later this summer.