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CD Review: Autolux “Transit Transit”

Autolux. I was introduced to this band by a friend who told me they were his faves. “Faves?” I was intrigued and the name seemed vaguely familiar. Why? Because the last album, Future Perfect, by this post-punk/krautrock/shoegaze L.A. band was released in 2004 and now, after six years, their sophomore album, Transit Transit, was revealed on August 3rd.

As soon as I started listening to Transit Transit, the music took me to the platform of a train station. I felt as though I was surrounded by hundreds of people, but completely alone and attuned to the music. Hazing tones were flashing and voices echoing the sound of brakes in the song “Transit Transit” – I got on the ride and it took me to some foreign place. The future. Eugene Goreshter (lead vocals, bass), Greg Edwards (guitar, vocals), and Carla Azar (drums, vocals) – the drivers – brought me into their vision, and it was difficult to leave.

Bouncing beats, layers of distorted guitar on complex sound arrangements, and hypnotic vocals; the gravity of Autolux’s music has a captivating pull and release. The energy on this album is not on high power, but instead slowly enters your system, each song connected to the next, until you find yourself caught in an experimental vacuum. No wonder it took six years to execute and reveal in the manner the band envisioned.

Compared to Future Perfect, an impressive debut album in itself, Transit Transit is tighter, precise and fluid. Half human, half machine, Autolux has truly become one musical rock body. Currently on a North American tour, I went to their concert and lost control as soon as Azar’s titanium-elbowed arm, the result of an accident in 2002, lifted the drum stick and hit the first beat. If Philip K. Dick were still around, he would have been taking notes.

According to their website, Autolux can tell us about the future. After watching their mesmerizing live show, I had a chance to ask Eugene about this, but his answer was humble: “We put that up there a long time ago.” Although he did admit that their music is future forward, perhaps the most clues are found in the song, “The Science of Imaginary Solutions.”  You will have to find out for yourself.

Rating: 9/10

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Transit Transit