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CD Review: Barbott “Curves”

The Barcelona, Spain-based band Barbott got their start as a band and has been creating music ever since 2012. Although the band has changed a few members over the years, the current lineup of the group consists of: Singer/Guitarist Guillem Sala, Bassist Marc Bertran, Guitarist Martí Rosselló, Drummer Josep Méndez and Keyboard player Albert Iribarne. Since coming together, this quintet had previously created two EPs of music: 2013’s Margarita as well as the 2014 Games for Two. Recently, the band Barbott created their first full-length album. That release is entitled Curves.

Curves from Barbott begins with the track “Paramont”. On this track, the quartet creates a track that features a musical direction that feels very familiar to those who were fans of keyboard-based pop-rock back in the eighties. In fact, the track’s keyboard sound is extremely reminiscent of that from bands like Depeche Mode, Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark (OMD) and other bands that were grouped into the New Wave movement during that time. But because “Paramont” contains both keyboards and guitar, the track is closest to the sound of early Depeche Mode. The slightly dark nature of the music in the track also leans the song more in Depeche Mode’s direction.

With the track “My Morning Every Window,” the band creates another track that seems to be influenced by the music of the eighties. In fact, the song of “My Morning Every Window” contains a very commercial feel to both the music and the lyrical delivery from Guillem Sala. The track would have been right at home on the radio in the eighties. The listener can even imagine the track being played during the early days of MTV when that network was just getting started and was the place to see music videos.

The band changes their musical direction from one track to the next. This creates an album with a lot of variety to the tracks. Nowhere is this more evident than with the track “Spaceship”. While previous tracks featured elements of the music from the eighties, “Spaceship” finds the band creating a style that is a lot closer to today’s Indie Rock. The keyboards and guitars on the track as well as the vocals all have a sound that would fit just outside of Commercial Rock formats. The song would be right at home on Alternative Radio stations or played on College Radio.

From this release, Barbott recently released the track “Cream” as a single. The song begins with both the keyboard and the guitar creating strong musical riffs that are both rather infectious. Together, the two riffs blend together to form the basis of the song. The combination of the two musical mindsets help to create a definite Indie Rock feel to the band’s sound. This creates an almost pop-like feel to the song. On this track, the vocals from singer/guitarist Guillem Sala contain a rather gentle quality to them. That gentle quality in the vocals mixes well with the instrumentation on the track. Together, the song’s pop approach and the heavy bass line from bassist Marc Bertran combine to create the band’s Indie Rock sound. “Cream” is a strong track that contains pop, rock and even some psychedelic elements to the music.

The track “Sun” changes the pace of the album. While the earlier tracks have a lot of energy, the band slows things down a lot on this one. The much more relaxed song “Sun” features the guitars in the band. The acoustic guitar sound of the track is reminiscent of music that would have been from the sixties as bands at that time were creating folk-rock songs. This track’s music and vocals bring to mind bands like Crosby, Still and Nash. The complete change of pace in this track gives the listener a different perspective on the music from the band.

After taking their music in a folk-rock direction for one song, the band of Barbott returns to a more Indie-Rock sound for the track “If Only”. And while the song is more energetic than “Sun” was, the track still has a slow, gentle pace to the music. The track features the keyboards from Albert Iribarne more than it features the guitars. While the track does contain a slow, easy pace to the music, the band adds plenty of energy to their playing to create a song that has an infectious feel. “If Only” is one track that stands out Barbott’s 2016 release of Curves.

The album of Curves comes to a close with the track “Lust”. The track starts off rather low-key with a simple keyboard playing softly. Soon thereafter, the band picks up the pace to create a track that once again makes the music of Barbott feel influenced by the eighties. The track of “Lust” sounds as if it had been influenced by the sound of Duran Duran once that band went in their more commercial direction in the mid-eighties. “Lust” is a strong track that helps bring the band’s album to a close on a strong note.

Throughout their 2016 release of Curves, Barbott changes directions several times in their musical style. But no matter which direction they go in, the band seems to have been very heavily influenced by the music from the eighties. And with many people being fans of music from that era, Curves from Barbott seems like the perfect album for someone in love with that decade of music.

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