CD Review: Big Head Todd – All The Love You Need (Big Records)

Big Head Todd frontman Todd Park Mohr once again gets the band back together to record a new studio album, the band’s eigth in their long career, which began about twenty years ago. The band formed in the late ’80’s and toured liked demons, playing all the college towns and hip music cities until they gathered a fanatical following, building up thousands of fans across the country even before recording an album on a major label.

Unfortunately, despite the band’s huge fanbase there have been no big hits (other than some much-played songs on alternative radio), and the band continues to slog it out on the road while less talented bands sell millions of records, break-up, and then go on best-selling reunion tours. In other words, for all the fanaticism about the band and their supposedly legendary live shows, whatever makes the band special has not translated to their albums, which have always been decent, but not excellent.

So yet again, we have a likeable album from the band, but nothing memorable enough or strong enough to take them to the next level. I doubt the band’s fans care, but the laws of diminishing returns say that eventually Big Head has got to close up shop soon if they don’t score a hit of some kind, even a fluke novelty song. As far as this album goes, it is good, but not exemplary. Solid rock but I am not so sure it is worth list price. For fans only.