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CD Review: Bofus “Get Some”

Bofus is a Missouri-based three-piece rock band that hails from the Greater Kansas City area. The three musicians that make up the band are: Rusty Mainard on drums, guitar, vocals; Kevin Scott on guitar, vocals and Mike Criger on bass, vocals. Having once been part of the same music scene in the Kansas City area, the three musicians have been creating music together as a group for a decade. During that amount of time, the band has developed a very tight sound and that solid feel in their music is very apparent on the band’s newest album which is entitled Get Some.

Get Some from Bofus begins with a two-part track called “Demintro-Rich Man”. The track begins with the instrumental portion of the song. The trio creates a very rockin’ sound that features a hard rock feel to the music. After about ninety seconds when the track changes pace and slows down, it takes on a bluesier feel to the music while still have plenty of energy. The lyrics about finding the right person seem to have an almost universal appeal to them.

While the “Rich Man” part of the first track has a bluesy feel to it, the next track on the release picks up that feeling and runs with it. The album’s title track of “Get Some” finds Bofus creating Blues-Rock at its finest. The lyrics contain a great deal of machismo as the singer sings of knowing what he wants and going for it.

Bofus picks up the energy of their music with the next track. The song “Focus” finds the band creating a track that brings forward the band’s strong rock influences. The song’s Hard Rock sound comes close to Heavy Metal without actually crossing into it. The lyrics about loyalty and defending that loyalty lend themselves well to the stronger feel of the music.

Just as “Focus” comes to an end, Bofus changes the pace of the album with the next track. The song “You Say I” is a solid hard rock track that contains a very strong riff-based sound. The guitar from comes to the forefront a little more in this track than any of the previous songs. “You Say I” has a very strong commercial quality to and ends up containing a very “radio friendly” feel to it.

Just like “Focus” from earlier on the Get Some release, the track “Wild Child” is another track that has a very strong Hard Rock quality. The track features some very strong guitar playing and the doubling of the guitar on some of the riffs really bring the playing to life. The track is one that would easily fit on any Classic Rock format and would be a favorite among true rock and roll fans. The strength in the playing of all three players in the band on the track makes “Wild Child” one of the best tracks on Bofus’ latest release.

“Needs a Stitch” is another track on the new Bofus release of Get Some that truly brings out the strength in the band’s music. The track shows off the guitar playing of Kevin Scott as he gives the track a slight metal feeling. The hard rock/heavy metal feel makes the song feel like it would fit in well with something from a band like Metallica. The strong track helps keep the energy of the music up as the album nears its end.

Bofus brings their new album of Get Some to an end with the track “On Your Own”. The strong track seems to bring a bit of the Classic Rock from the seventies into the band’s sound. The song is as strong as anything that came before but will give Classic Rock fans something to smile about.

Get Some from Bofus is a rock and roll release that features very strong tracks throughout. If you are a fan of rock and roll and are looking for that album of rock and roll music that gets harder to find as days go by, take a listen to Get Some from Bofus and you will be happy.

To check out the music of Bofus, go to the band’s Soundcloud account.

Check out Bofus and the live version of the  “Demintro-Rich Man” track .

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