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CD Review: Brass Bed “Melt White”

Unlike their last album, Louisiana-based Brass Bed has gone full neo psychedelic here on Melt White – and that’s a great thing for us audiophiles. Opening with the gorgeous harmonies on “Aria” it adds a strong chord to reach its crescendo. Then, the whimsical “People Want to Be Happy” is 10cc styled pop with many layers tripping over each other. It then delivers a blistering guitar break full of unfettered creativity. “Miniature Day Parade” incorporates a pile of influences and textures, and the next several tunes are worthy of any Elephant Six alumni.

“Panthers” is a dense homebrew of harmonies, psychedelic rhythms and guitar solos that is sure to please. “God Save the Thieves” is a looping composition that recalls both early Radiohead and The Beatles’ White Album. The twistedly catchy acoustic guitar on “Bums on the Radio” betrays the vitriol against the modern DJ that in moments veers into brilliant punk fuzz tones. One of the best pysche pop albums from 2010, it shouldn’t be missed.

Fans of Elf Power, The Flaming Lips and The Mother Hips should seek this out for a great headphones trip.