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CD Review: Brent Kirby and His Luck “Patience Worth”

Whether on his own or as part of the many different bands he is a part of, Cleveland, Ohio’s Brent Kirby is constantly performing on stage in many of the music venues in town. He is also constantly writing new material to freshen up his musical performances. Currently, Kirby is promoting his newest release which was recorded under the name of Brent Kirby and His Luck and features a band that also includes Keyboard Player Chris Hanna, Electric Guitarist Ben Nieves, Bassist Kevin Johnson and Drummer JJ Juliano. With this group, Kirby finds himself creating tracks that make use of musical references such as 1970s era Rock and Roll as well as specific artists such as Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen and others. The new release from the group is entitled Patience Worth.

Patience Worth begins with the track “Our Town”. While many others have taken their shot at writing a song with this type of emotional feeling to it, this track from Brent Kirby is both very specific and somewhat suggestive at the same time. Anyone from the Greater Cleveland area who listens to the song will get the specific references named within the track while others from outside Cleveland may not get things like “From the stamp that says we’re FREE!” The music on the track brings to mind the sound of the song “John Hardy” from Manfred Mann, complete with harmonica.

Brent Kirby and His Luck slow things down on the track “Say That You Want Me To…” The track features a light Rock and Roll feel that revolves around the organ from keyboardist Chris Hanna. As the focal point of the track, Hanna’s organ is also joined on the track by horns from The Cold City Horns (Jacob Wynne, Brad Wagner and Nolan Plunkett). The resulting sound ends up feeling like a song with a slight Reggae influence to it.

The feel of the music on the album changes with the song “Better Days”. Brent Kirby and Bassist Kevin Johnson create a song that feels very much like something that could have been played in the 1980s on Top 40 radio. When the entire band joins in on the track, the song has a very commercial sound that borrows a little bit from either Bruce Springsteen or John Mellencamp. “Better Days” is the first track on the new release from Kirby that could truly be released as a single. Just listen to the track and try not to sing along.

Like with the track “Better Days” where Brent Kirby is joined by Kevin Johnson as co-writer, Kirby is also joined this release by several people who helped compose some of the other tracks. One of Kirby’s more surprising co-writers is Jenna Juredine who helped write the track “Easy to Be”. The reason that it is such a surprise to have Juredine as co-writer on the track is because she is owner of The Barking Spider, one of the more unique music venues in the Greater Cleveland area. Together, Kirby and Juredine create a track in “Easy to Be” that features a slow pace that goes well with its romantic lyrics. The resulting track is one of the shining moments on the album, proving that Jenna Juredine is not only a good business woman, but she also knows how to write a good song.

Because of the musicians who join Brent Kirby on this release, the new release from Brent Kirby and His Luck features a lot of different influences. From one track to the next, you can hear several styles of Rock And Roll as well as several different artists in the music. One of the tracks on the release that brings to mind a specific influence is the song “If It Rains All Spring”. The track features a sound that is very reminiscent of Jimmy Buffet. In fact, with the sound of the music and the lyrical content of the song, the track feels as if it would fit right in with the songs on Buffet’s album of Last Mango in Paris.

With the track “I Can Make You,” Kirby seems to leave the style of this band behind while bringing out some of the style from another one of his musical outfits, The Jack Fords. With The Jack Fords, Brent Kirby creates a more straight-out Rock and Roll approach to his music. It is that style that seems to appear on “I Can Make You”. Ultimately, the music of the song feels like a stronger version of the song “Handle Me with Care” from The Traveling Wilburys.

One of the best moments on the newest release from Brent Kirby is the song “Sunsets Are Golder”. The song once again features the talents of keyboardist Chris Hanna who adds piano to the track that complements the acoustic guitar from Kirby. The slow pace of the song is matched up well with the strings from violinist Ariel Clayton and cellist Tara Hanish. To add more depth to that, Brent’s father Richard Kirby helps to arrange the strings that appear on the song. The track adds a lot of beauty to an album that already contains a lot of musical twists and turns.

Patience Worth from Brent Kirby and His Luck moves along from one track to the next and gives the listener something new with each track. The release features many strong tracks with little down time.