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CD Review: Bullyheart “Antigravity”

Bullyheart is a rock band that brings together many different pieces and makes the music of the band come alive. The most important piece of the group is Holly Long who sings, plays the guitar and keyboards, and writes the songs. Along with Long are bassist David Boucher and drummer Kevin Harp. The three musicians come together to create a group that has a solid rock base and many different influences that help give their music a lot of body. Currently, Bullyheart is promoting their newest release entitled Antigravity.

Antigravity from Bullyheart begins with the album’s title track. “Antigravity” is a track that takes the band’s sound back a few decades. The track seems to feel as if it would easily fit in with tracks from the eighties as the song would fit in with bands like The Runaways. The guitar part of the song feels slightly repetitive, but the song itself is rather fun.

The new release from Bullyheart continues with the song “Thin Air”. While “Antigravity” had a strong retro eighties feel to it, “Thin Air” slows things down with a much mellower musical feel. The light playing of the guitar by Holly Long gives “Thin Air” a slightly folk-like feel to it. Like the song before it, “Thin Air” also has a rather simplistic feel to the music. But that simplicity also gives the track an appealing quality to it.

One of the best tracks on the Antigravity release from Bullyheart comes on “No Pleasing You”. With this track, Holly Long brings together the attitudes of women like Reba McEntire, Joan Jett, even Dolly Parton. The track features a strong rock feel that also has a very commercial quality to it. The Dolly Parton/Reba McEntire influence comes in with the fact that the track has a slight twang to it. “No Pleasing You” is probably one of the best tracks on the release and one of the songs that could end up with crossover potential as it could get airplay on Top 40 radio as well as Top 40 Country formats, as well.

Just as “No Pleasing You” comes to an end, Bullyheart hits the listener with yet another radio-ready track. The song “How Was I to Know”. The track finds the band creating a song with a slightly slower pace to the music. The pop-influenced track comes with an easy feel to the music. The slow pace of the song seems to add a lot of emphasis to the emotional connection between Holly Long and the lyrics of the song. The track is one of the shining moments on the Antigravity release as it contains a very catchy sound that the listener will find purely fun to listen to.

As a change of pace, the track of “Lost My Nerve” finds Holly Long creating a track featuring the keyboard. The change of instruments gives the track a different feel than the rest of the album, although the slow pace from “How Was I to Know” before continues on “Lost My Nerve”. Just like the track before, the slow pace of the music and the added mood setting from the sound of the keyboard adds to the emotional feel of the lyrics.

The feel of the music changes once again on the next track of “Panic Attack”. The music of the song brings to mind the music of the seventies, with even a slight taste of the band Devo. The light punk influence on the track gives the song a different feel than most of the rest of the album.

Bullyheart brings back a straight-out rock and roll feel on the track “Shaken”. The track feels like something from the late seventies, early eighties. The track and its lyrics feel like an anthem and could be taken up by those who want to want to make a stand on an issue. While the sound of the music feels a little out of place with today’s radio landscape, it still has plenty of commercial potential.

Antigravity from Bullyheart finds singer-songwriter Holly Long finally coming into her own. The tracks on the album have plenty of variety but still work together well enough to make a solid release. Any fan of real rock and roll will find plenty of things to enjoy on this album.

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