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CD Review: C Wired “Angel Circuit Engaged”

Chuck Whyard has done a lot and has been a lot of things throughout his life. But right now, he has chosen to pursue a path of the entertainer. The singer-songwriter is currently creating his own music and to do so, he is using the stage name of C Wired, a moniker that plays on his own first initial and last name. C Wired has gathered together a group of talented individuals who help him bring his music to life. C Wired is joined by project producer Addison Smith (guitars, Moog synth), Andrew Renner (bass) and Daniel Kelly (percussion). With this group of musicians, the Cwiredband was created.

The ensemble called Cwiredband helps C Wired with music that incorporates musical styles such as Jazz, Blues, Country and others into a sound that is mainly Rock and Roll-based. And the lyrics that are found within each of the tracks on the release contain a deeper meaning to their lyrics than most artists today as C Wired explores subjects such as angels, expanding of ideas, freedom from guilt and other things. The result is a solid musical approach that can only be described as Progressive Rock. That Prog-Rock style can be found throughout the six tracks that make up the new EP from C Wired. That album is entitled Angel Circuit Engaged.

Angel Circuit Engaged from C Wired begins with the title track of the release. “Angel Circuit Engaged” begins with a straight-out Rock and Roll feel to the music that would have been right at home in the late seventies/early eighties. The four-minute track features a driving feel to the music like much of the Rock and Roll from the eighties. With this track, C Wired explores the concept of the afterlife. What happens when you die? Well, C Wired has his ideas. “Angel Circuit Engaged” starts off the release of the same name with something to make you think.

C Wired changes things up with the next track called “Botticelli Baby”. This track features some of the strongest guitar work of any of the tracks found on the EP. As you listen to the track, you can hear musical influences from the likes of Adrian Belew, Joe Satriani, or even Frank Zappa. The track’s guitar work comes from the producer of the release, Addison Smith. Smith’s work would make any or all of the previously mentioned artists proud. And Andrew Renner (bass) and Daniel Kelly (percussion) do their parts to make the track feel as strong as anything that has been produced by earlier Prog-Rock artists. The title, “Botticelli Baby,” is a reference to the Early Renaissance painter Sandro Botticelli and his style of painting where the full beauty of the female form is brought to life in his artwork.

Like a lot of Progressive Rock, Angel Circuit Engaged from C Wired contains songs that are shaped with the help of many different styles and influences. As you make your way through the six songs that make up the release, you’ll run into some Rock and Roll influence, some Jazz, and some heavier influences as well. While all of the tracks contain instrumentation that include the guitar, the third song of the album, “Climb the Mountain” also includes the sound of the organ. With the inclusion of the organ, the track takes on a style that feels heavily influenced by the likes of the band Deep Purple, but with a much heavier groove to the music. Breaking the six-minute mark, “Climb the Mountain” is the longest track of the release and truly lives up to the band’s Progressive Rock musical base.

On the track “Angels Are Not Afraid of the Dark,” the listener is treated to perhaps the best and strongest track of the six songs that make up the Angel Circuit Engaged release from C Wired. The track begins with the slowest pace of the songs that make up the EP. The guitar from Addison Smith begins the track. That guitar is then joined by a second guitar which helps to pump up the sound of the first guitar. When Bassist Andrew Renner and Drummer Daniel Kelly join in, the trio creates a track with a slightly slower pace to the music when compared to the earlier song. This, of course, does not mean that the track is any less powerful than what came before. It simply means the trio of musicians simply is creating a groove-like jam that fits into the Album Oriented Rock genre. The song features lyrics that deal with what might be coming in the future.

The Angel Circuit Engaged release from C Wired comes to an end with easily the most commercial track of the EP. Instead of featuring the Progressive Rock influence that was so prevalent in the earlier tracks on the release, the song “Little Sisters” features a Classic Rock approach that would have been right at home in the late sixties/early seventies. The band creates a straight-out Rock and Roll song that would have been right at home on AM radio as opposed to the FM stations that the remainder of the songs would have been featured on. The commercial feel of the music in “Little Sisters” ensures that there is something for every Rock and Roll lover out there.

Angel Circuit Engaged release from C Wired and the rest of the Cwiredband features some of the best Progressive Rock and/or Album Oriented Rock out there today. For those who are tired of the Pop-rock that is currently flooding the airwaves today, this release is just what you are looking for. 

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