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CD Review: Cast Iron Crow “First Edition”

The world of rock is in for a real treat on November 8th, as another debut album is due for release. Pardon me, I just used the word ‘another’ and this album is a far cry from that.

The album in question is First Edition by Cast Iron Crow. This stunning band is blasting its way out of Hayward in the San Francisco Bay area. The amalgamation of its four musicians has created a stunning grunge/alt rock band whose sound demands attention.

First Edition nails you down from the first track. The bedazzling musicianship and creativity of Cast Iron Crow engages and excites. They combine solid alt stoner metal with melodic connotations which has gained the attention of Tim Sult (Clutch) and Eddie Hernandez (All Shall Parish). This album is so good that it is hard to believe that it is a debut, as it pounds, soothes and grooves throughout the 45-minute duration. First Edition is certainly assured to make its mark.

‘Mindlapse’ opens the album beautifully and draws you into its deep and colourful sound. This track is very charismatic and alluring. You cannot help but hear the influences of Soundgarden and Alice In Chains; Cast Iron Crow hit the sweet spot so well.

‘Screweye’ follows and from the start of this track the sheer quality of this band is immediately apparent. By the time you get part way into this, you will be groovin’ along and immersing yourself deeply in the powerful charm of Cast Iron Crow.

‘Beyond The Brain’ blasts into play laying down a heavyweight sound with enough riffage to rattle your windows and sufficient harmony in the choruses to make your senses tingle. This album gets better and better. On this track an Iommi/Sabbath influence becomes more apparent; Cast Iron Crow just get better and better.

‘Wise Evil’ closes this wonderful collection of wicked, hard-rocking tunes. This is the longest track on the album by far at just over seven and a half minutes and as the name suggests, it is a little dark.

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