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CD Review: Chris Bevington And Friends

Chris Bevington is a blues artist based in the Midlands of the UK who released the album Chris Bevington And Friends in 2014. This album quite rightfully gained a lot of critical acclaim and charted in the top ten blues albums within the UK.  Chris is currently working on a studio album full of new original material to be released this summer.

This album Chris Bevington And Friends is a masterclass in how to play blues with an all star guest list including George Glover (Climax Blues Band), Paul Burgess (10cc), Scott Ralph (Song writer for Michael Buble and Robbie Williams), Jim Kirkpatrick (FM, Heavy Weather. Jim has also performed with legendary rockers Whitesnake), Sarah Miller (Nearly Dan) and Kate Robinson. As you might expect, a line up of this quality and calibre does not fail to please at any stage in the playlist.

The word masterclass is a noun which is at the tip of the proverbial iceberg in relation to this album, it is a sumptuous collection of eleven blues tracks which flow together in a silky smooth fashion. It is an absolutely joyful listen, it’s a gleaming treasure chest of blues. I am deeply smitten with this album 10/10

Tracklist –

1.     All I Want Is You

2.    Blue On Black

3.    Crossroads

4.    Dark Side Of Love

5.    Heart Of Blues

6.    I Don’t Need No Doctor

7.    Let Me Know

8.    Party Right Here

9.    She’s Out There Somewhere

10. Somehow Somewhere Someway

11.  Was

You can find out more about Chris Bevington right here