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CD Review: Cinemuerte “Aurora Core”

If you like your female fronted rock and metal, there is a plethora of bands to choose from, Paramore, Nightwish, Within Temptation to name but a few.

A fairly new addition to this genre are Cinemuerte, who suprisingly, are relatively unknown outside their native Portugal. Formed in 2002 by vocalist Sophia Vieira and bassist Joao Vaz, “Aurora Core” is the follow up to 2006’s “Born From Ashes”. What follows is actually quite a good collection of straight up ballsy rock songs with a feel good factor.

Sophia’s vocals are raw, edgy, and quite epic at times. Add in some catchy hooks and what you get left with is tracks like the immensely listenable lead single “Air”, and the moody “Up For a Fight”. There is a guest appearance from Moon Spell guitarist Ricardo Amorim which provides added sparkle.

Overall, “Aurora Core” is a pleasing album. Rock as it should be, dirty, sexy, topped off with huge melodies. Definitely worth wrapping your ears around.

Aaron Phillips