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CD Review: Concrete Class by The Lonely H

There is nothing ordinary about Seattle based classic rock quartet The Lonely H. Fronted by the charismatic, 6’7″, 19 year old Mark Fredson, a man hard to miss in any room for both his height and booming voice, and accompanied by the Brothers Whitman – Eric Whitman (guitar) and Johnny Whitman (bass) – and drummer Ben Eyestone, The Lonely H have more swagger and set their site’s on nothing short of being the next Allman Brothers Band.

Unlike the pop nature of their last album Hair, this one leans heavier on the rock and roadhouse blues formula. In fact fans of the Bob Segar and Wilco will enjoy the honest and memorable songwriting here. Highlights include “Cold Blues” and “Diggin’ A Hole” with Fredson’s howl, and pumping melody. “Going Out West” rocks a bit harder, like vintage AC/DC or Jet. The most country-fried song here is “Singer” which will sit right with fans of The Eagles. The guitar rock twang and memorable hook makes for excellent listening on “Other Side Of The Water.” It’s not perfect, as the stripped down acoustic “Phoenix” and “River” reveal the groups vocal limitations clearly. The group then redeems itself with the catchy “Girl From Jersey.”

Overall this album is clearly a winner — fans of classic rock can safely turn up the volume here and enjoy these young’uns.

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