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CD Review: D.L. Byron “Satori”

While there are many artists who break into the music industry and then leave it after just a few years for one reason or another, there are others who decide to make music a part of their lives for their entire life. One such person who has spent decades in the pursuit of the perfect song is D.L. Byron.

It was back in 1979 that D.L. Byron had a taste of fame as he had been signed by Clive Davis to Arista Records. During his time as part of the musical roster of that label, Byron gave himself and Arista Records a big boost when his song called “Listen to the Heartbeat” became a Top 40 hit. But after that, the label decided that his sound was too similar to other artists and they went on to promote artists that they thought were closer to what they were looking for.

Despite not having a major label behind him, D.L. Byron has gone on to create an entire library of original releases with the label Zen Archer Records. With the label, Byron continues to thrive to this day. In fact, he just released a new four-song EP. That EP is entitled Satori.

Satori from D.L. Byron begins with the track “No. 1 God”. With this track, Byron creates a song that features a timeless, straight-out feel to the music. To go along with a sound that would have been right at home in the days before Alternative Rock, the track contains a strong driving force in the music that keeps the pace of the track moving quickly. The track also finds D.L. Byron using just a small amount of humor in the lyrics as he sings about losing his dyslexia and worshiping “Dog”. The energetic track begins the four-song release on a strong note and makes the listener want for more.

D.L. Byron’s Satori EP continues with the track “Rehearsing for the Future”. Like the track that came before it, “Rehearsing for the Future” features a timeless, straight-out feel to the Rock and Roll that makes up the track. And just like the previous track, this song has a strong, driving feel to the pace. The resulting music on the track would have easily fit on any Power Rock radio formats when that format was popular. Even on today’s Modern Rock stations, “Rehearsing for the Future” would be a very popular among today’s music listeners.

The third track on D.L. Byron’s Satori EP is the song “All Fall Down”. While the previous tracks feature a rather timeless feel to the Rock and Roll, “All Fall Down” seems to find Byron creating a track with more of an Alternative Rock feel to the music. Moreover, the style of the music at the beginning of the track is rather reminiscent of that created by the Gin Blossoms back in the nineties. As the track progresses, that influence stays true while also it incorporates other Alternative influences into the track that feel very commercial by today’s standards. “All Fall Down” is perhaps the most commercial of the songs that are included in the Satori EP.

Satori from D.L Byron is brought to a close with the fourth and final track on the release entitled “Everywhere I Go”. The track begins with an intro of a pulsating feeling creating by a keyboard. That pulsating sound starts the track off with a New Wave feel before the track truly begins and features a Hard Rock approach. Once the music truly begins, the resulting track brings to mind music that would have been found back in the eighties and would have been included on Hard Rock radio formats during the eighties. The strong electric guitar presence on the track helps to add to the feel of the track and the mention of a time machine in the track’s lyrics feels very apropos as the song does feel as if it would have come from an earlier time period. Altogether, the various elements combine together to form a track that is reminiscent of something from rocker Billy Squire.

Although D.L. Byron’s rather short time on a major label may not have resulted in instant success and years of Top Ten hits, that did not stop him from continuing to create his own music on his own terms. And the newest release from Byron shows that he still has the desire to create good, old-fashioned Rock and Roll even though the rest of the music industry wants to travel in a more Pop music-inspired direction. But as it stands, Satori from D.L. Byron is a release that fans of real Rock and Roll should be proud to own.










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