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CD Review: Dr Slaggleberry “The Slagg Factory” EP

dr-slaggleberry 200This is the newest release from a great London band, available from October 12th on Crash Records. It is a true ‘window shaker’, the more I play this, the more I want to play it. This release grabs you by the gizzards and sends you all over the place as its rhythms roll around diverging/merging into a bestial rocking behemoth of tantalizing sound. I would describe the sound as instrumental, experimental prog rock with some psychedelia on top.

The Slagg Factory has five tunes, starting off with ‘Feed me a Stray Cat’, it flows fluently throughout its rolls and rhythms. Truly heavy duty in every respect.

‘Thirteen Grades of Filth’ starts with a dirty guitar chord, the sound of this carries from front to back. A stormer of a tune.

‘8 4 5’ has a very pretty psychedelic fret picking guitar intro for the initial couple of minutes then drum and bass join forces and the sound diverges back into the Slagberry slaying sound which drives in and demonizes for the final minute.

‘Bastard Brew’ is aptly titled, full of ground shaking, window breaking bass riffs and chords underpinning the tune along with awesome percussion that is liable to leave you in a state of shock and awe. This brew is highlighted with some great little keyboard licks topping with this doctors great guitar sound.

Last of all ‘Gone Devil’ closes The Slagg Factory perfectly. Once again it uses some keyboard, more so this time. It rolls and rocks around whilst pummeling the beat of its rhythms into you, leaving you gasping for more.

This EP/mini album is fantastic, if you like bands such as Pink Floyd and King Crimson and are partial to some heavy duty rock’nroll then this is a must have for your collection.

You Tube video of ‘Gone Devil’

Intense Nick

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D’oh! & oops Sorry Poohead, I should have said, ‘keyboard sounding guitar picks’! I apologIse profusely……………

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