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CD Review: Dreaming In Stereo “Dreaming In Stereo”

dreaming in stereoDreaming In Stereo is centered around the multi-talented singer/songwriter Fernando Perdomo. Vocally, Perdomo has quite the dreamy voice with hints of J.R. Richards and Jason Falkner – atmospheric and pleasing to the ears, and exceptionally well suited to his ballads and mid-tempo numbers. After hearing this self-titled debut, I am convinced Dreaming In Stereo has all it takes to make their dreams of pop rock stardom come true.

Perdomo is a master at crafting catchy songs in an artful manner, complete with some atypical instruments now and then to keep things interesting. His pristine vocals just sail over these gorgeous melodies, creating a great mood record that is as intelligent as much as it is fun to listen to. From the jamming “Steal This Song” (his meditation on musical piracy) and the upbeat power pop gems “I’m Not Gonna Move To L.A.” and “Decisions, Decisions”, to the beautiful balladry in “Lazy” and “Let Me Love You”, this CD has it all.

Deep lyrics, credible vocals, and sophisticated music – you get all this and more with Dreaming In Stereo. Some of the most accessible art rock I’ve ever hard – Dreaming In Stereo may have founded a new musical genre: progressive power pop! Fans of Genesis, Yes, Dishwalla…take note.

iPOD-worthy: 3, 4, 6, 8, 9, 10

Dreaming In Stereo on MySpace. Official site.