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CD Review: Dustin Prinz “Feeling It”

Dustin Prinz is a Nebraska-based singer-songwriter who is also an accomplished guitar player. Prinz Is known for his unusual style of playing that he calls Parapicking, a style that is based around including percussive effects into the playing of the instrument. Prinz is so well-known for this style that his videos on YouTube have reached millions of plays. While known for his teaching techniques, Dustin Prinz has continued to write; record and produce his own music. Currently, Prinz is promoting his new release entitled Feeling It.

The first track on the Feeling It EP from Dustin Prinz is the title track of the release. As Prinz is a singer-songwriter, his writing style includes incorporating many different styles of music into his songs. With the track “Feeling It,” Prinz creates a track that features a Rock style to it with a little Blues feel thrown in as well as a generous dose of twang in the vocals from Prinz. “Feeling It” is a track that finds Dustin Prinz creating a track that feels very much like a contemporary Country song.

The Feeling It EP continues with the track “First Sign of Love”. On this track, Dustin Prinz takes the music in a much lighter direction. The easier pace of the track brings to mind songs that would have been played on the AM radio dial during the seventies. As a matter of fact, “First Sign of Love” brings to mind songs from the band America. The guitar playing on the track from Prinz, the keyboards from producer Dan Kane and the arrangement of the song itself all bring to mind songs from the band America. “First Sign of Love” incorporates several different elements to create a track that feels both retro and modern at the same time, which means it would have fit in with songs on AM radio then as well as Top 40 radio today.

After a quick change from the Country side of things to something more pop-like, Dustin Prinz once again changes the pace of the music on his newest release on the track “Mr. Twiddle Thumbs”. On the track, Prinz brings back some of the energy from “Feeling It”, as well as a little twang to go along with it. Like the title track of “Feeling It,” “Mr. Twiddle Thumbs” has a large amount of Country influence to it. Throughout the length of the song, the listener gets a feeling that Prinz has a fun sense of humor as the song comes off as light-hearted. The track feels even more like it would fit on Country radio formats than “Feeling It” and it sounds like something that could even become a fan favorite.

Dustin Prinz’s latest release comes to an end with the track “No Need to Know”. While the rest of the EP was recorded and produced in the studio, “No Need to Know” is a track recorded live. The song features a simplistic feel as it contains only Prinz and his guitar. Because of the lack of other instruments, Prinz’s guitar playing takes center stage. While playing the song, Prinz once again adds just a few of the percussive effects in his playing that he has become known for. With the track, the listener gets to experience a very intimate setting because of the much simpler feel of the music. The gentle pace of the song and the uncomplicated feel of the music make the song the perfect track to bring Feeling It to a close.

Feeling It is a quick snapshot of the talent of Dustin Prinz. But as most of the music on the release is played by Prinz himself (with help from producer Dan Kane), the listener gets a very clear showing of his talents as both a singer-songwriter as well as musician. The four tracks are fun and offer a nice variety of the music from Dustin Prinz.

Check out the video to Dustin Prinz’s song “Feeling It” by clicking HERE.

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