CD Review: Eagles of Death Metal – Heart On (Downtown Records)

eagles-of-death-metalKnown by music fans as the world’s coolest side project, Eagles of Death Metal have released another album full of the fun rock and roll the group is known for, though this album’s songs show EDM maturing just a tad while still plying their usual brand of glam rock and Stonesy swagger. While one of the many side projects that involves members from the band Queens of The Stoneage (and part of the massive Rhinoceros 6 3/4 collective) the EDM project has always been in a class by itself and seems to be the musical diversion members Josh Homme and Jesse Hughes have the most fun doing.

Though the band’s previous two albums are filled with the same kind of glammy, raunchy rock and roll contained on this new set, this album seems to be more of a homage to the Rolling Stones than either of their other discs. I first heard this record blasting over the sounds system at my favorite record store and to me it sounded as if someone had turned in a bootleg Stones CD full of finished demos or maybe an advance of Mick and Co.’s upcoming record. A lot of the vocals have a Jagger-ish tinge to them and, let’s face it, EDM’s songs are about the same vices and hedonistic endeavors Jagger/Richards usually bleat about. Maybe these two have taken the presence of the word “Stone” in the name Queens of The Stoneage a little too seriously, huh? When I finally corralled an employee of said record store, in his best Hi-Fidelity fashion he sniffed at me that it was the new EDM record as if I should have known or something. Truth be told, I probably should have, as I have the other two EDM albums. Thing is, this one’s a tad more serious sounding (not subject-matter wise, but as far as the effort put into it and the effort put into writing catchy, hard-rocking songs) than the other two and even has the band’s first *gasp* ballad on it, so I guess I was kind of confused there. That and the Jagger sounding vocals.

But, hey, I am a fan of both The Stones and EDM, so it really doesn’t matter.

Despite the act “graduating” into major league territory, this is a damn fun album and one that will light any party up and also sound good when you’re driving down the highway with a carful of buddies singing along. One hell of a fucking album and the band’s best yet. At this point, I could care less about a Queens of the Stoneage CD and hope Homme and Hughes just dive into the next EDM disc. Buy this now!!