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CD Review: Exodus “Exhibit B: The Human Condition”

I could barely contain my excitement when I discovered this album in the review pile.

Exodus were there for the very start of thrash metal in the early 80‘s, helping to mould the genre and influence a mass of bands who have formed in their wake. I have always admired Gary Holt and the rest of the band for constantly delivering the finest, most brutal thrash metal around.

Imagine then, the pant wetting anticipation I had before pressing play.

Is it good then I hear you asking?

Well, that is a bit like asking me if I like a cold beer on a Sunday afternoon.

Exhibit B: The Human Condition” is good. Very good. Lyrically the band have deviated slightly from the usual apathetic views on religion to dealing with the human mind and mankind’s ability for violence, brutality and ignorance.

To be honest, all the tracks on offer are barnstormers from start to finish, even the slower paced “Nanking” melts your face. Steve Souza’s vocals are powerful and demand attention, with his lyrics making you self analyse your own personality. The drums are fast and pound through your stereo like a runaway locomotive. The guitar work with have you sat open mouthed at the sheer technical ability on show, with each solo trying to outdo the previous.

There are not many bands even close to producing what Exodus are churning out at the moment. (Testament being the exception). Buy this album. It will grab you by the scruff of the neck and slap you about for twelve tracks leaving you wanting more. This album has truly cemented Exodus as the kings of thrash metal.

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