CD Review: Falcon – s/t (No Office Records)

Interesting band and an even more interesting story behind it, if the story is true. Instead of being named “Falcon” after the bird, the band was named after Jared Falcon, who happened to be an acquaintance. The two main cogs in the band, Shannon Ferguson and Neil Rosen, attended school with Jared Falcon in California.

According to their bio, Jared Falcon played baritone sax in the high school band and was a songwriting prodigy, having composed one song a day for almost a year and recording it onto his Fisher Price tape recorder. Jared Falcon was later institutionalized, but Ferguson and Rosen have since found his tapes and are dedicating themselves into bringing Jared Falcon’s songs to life. Amazing story, huh? Now if all this is true, it’s a great fucking concept for a band.

The idea of a band that plays original music (as opposed to a tribute band) having a finite point as to when they will run out of new material is an interesting idea. Sure, as I mentioned, a tribute band would conceivably run into this problem all the time but for a band which plays original music, I believe this would be a first. Now, you could argue the band is a cover/tribute band because they are not writing their own songs but playing songs by someone else, but that’s a real slim thread as the songs they are playing have never been released anywhere else, though technically they are “covers” of someone else’s material. Quite interesting, really. If it isn’t true and this is just a made-up story, just some hype perpetrated by a manager-type, then it is still brilliant but the resulting bad taste left when the truth is discovered is going to cost them a bunch of fans.

Either way, I bet a ton of amateur rock scribes are trying to find Jared Falcon as we speak. If he turns out to be the Subway Jared, I am going to shoot myself! Anyway, the music on this EP is quite trippy, giving it a sort of Stephen Malkmus or Flaming Lips type of vibe. It’s not groundbreaking stuff, but it’s decent and I am curious as hell to see if they keep this concept going or not. This is worth it for the story alone, let alone the music