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CD Review: Fightstar – “Be Human”

be-human_coverFightstar are a band who divide the rock community. Those who say Charlie Simpson should of stayed bothering the pop charts with Busted, and those who are eternally grateful for Fightstar.

There is no doubt a lot of talent within the rank’s of Fightstar, and with the release of ‘Be Human’, their third album, this talent is brought to the fore.

This said, ‘Calling all stations’ opens the album in a rather lacklustre way, with Simpson’s vocals sounding rather weak, obviously struggling with the high notes.
Things improve with the quite simply epic ‘War Machine’ featuring sweeping synth and vocal melodies.

‘Damocles’, and ‘Colours bleed to red’ feature glorious slab’s of heavy and thrash metal, which feels’ like you have slapped in the face with a iron club, only to nurse the wound better with a sprinkling of soothing guitars and harmonies.

Overall, this is a good album. With only small moment’s of weakness, Fightstar have shown considerable maturity in their song writing, providing beautiful searing melodies mixed with full on brutal injections of metal.

Watch out for album number 4.

Aaron Phillips