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CD Review: Finding September “History”

Finding September is a San Antonio, Texas-based band that features Emily Bayardo (vocals), Jayden Mermella (drums), Josh Gomez (guitar) and Graham Butler (bass). Together, the quartet creates a group Pop/Alternative Rock band that also contains some Heavy Metal influences in their music. That blend of musical influences creates a style that recalls bands like Green Day, My Chemical Romance and other bands. That is what helps to create the sound of the music from Finding September. And that musical blend is what can be found on the debut EP from Finding September called History.

The five-song EP of History from Finding September starts off with the title track of the release. “History” starts off with a strong drum break from drummer Jayden Mermella. That fast, strong and quick solo gives the listener an indication as to why Mermella has been named Best Drummer in Texas in 2018. Following that fast solo, the track finds the band taking its inspiration from the likes of Blink 182 but with the sound that is much more intense in its nature. The strength of the Punk Pop created by Finding September puts the band directly in the center of the style with plenty of other bands. And yet, the track also proves the band has plenty of their own style as they create a song with its own unique sound.

History from Finding September continues with the track called “Inhibitions”. While the previous track featured a straight Punk Pop feel to the music, the band adds some Alternative Rock inspiration to this track. The track features the same intense beating drive that was present in the title track of the EP but with a stronger pace to the song. While the band is rather strong on the track, the focal point seems to be vocalist Emily Bayardo who adds vocals that feel like a combination between Gwen Stefani and Avril Lavigne. The combination of Bayardo’s lyrical delivery and the feel of the band on this track create a track that contains a stronger Pop influence than the previous track.

For the next track of “Summer Club,” the band releases the most produced track of the EP. Of course, as it is the lead-off single of the EP, that sort goes without saying. The track begins with yet another strong drumbeat from drummer Jayden Mermella which is quickly joined by some simply percussive effects. That helps to create a backbeat that gives the song a commercial feel. That commercial backbeat is quickly joined by the rest of the instrumentation that creates a track with perhaps the most commercial Pop direction of the release. Add to that the lead guitar of Josh Gomez that alternates between the right and left channels. Blending all of that together with a sound that places the band squarely in the Pop Punk genre, “Summer Club” features a musical direction that puts the band squarely in Top 40 radio formats.

Perhaps the track with the most unique feel to the music is the track “Darkest Greys”. Aside from the piano that leads off this track, the production quality on this track is slightly different from the rest of the release. That production quality takes the various instruments on the track and blends them together in a way as to make the instruments feel as if they are one band and not individual instruments. It unifies the band’s sound and yet, does not allow for one instrument to stand out from the others. This is not, in any way, a bad thing. It simply gives this track a much different approach than what had come before.

The final track off of History from Finding September is yet another track that separates itself from the earlier songs on the EP. The track “Let it Burn” begins with some Industrial Rock and Roll, giving the song the darkest atmosphere of any of the songs on the release. That Industrial atmosphere places the song squarely into the Alternative Rock genre instead of the Punk Pop that most of the EP fell into. This is one track that easily shows of the talents and abilities of each of the musicians in the band as well as singer Emily Bayardo as she proves that she has a knack for singing different styles of music. The energetic feel to the music of the track helps to finish off the History release from Finding September on a very strong note.

While it is only five songs deep, the debut EP of History from the San Antonio, Texas-based Finding September contains plenty of variety. Staying within a certain energy level allows for the release to be strong, yet not overpowering.


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For a taste of the music from Finding September, check out the band’s single “Summer Club“. 

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