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CD Review: First In Space “Geronimo”

firstinspaceI just got hold of the new sophomore release from Ohio-based band, First In Space. There is nothing too fancy about the CD packaging and artwork…just a modest black and white photo of three normal looking guys on the front, and an understated black and white photo of their gear on the back. The music by First In Space is exactly like their presentation: no nonsense, no frills, let’s just get the job done and get it done right.

Their sophomore release, “Geronimo”, comes complete with straight-up harmony-laden guitar rock adorning storytelling lyrics. Vocal duties are divided equally between founding members Johnny Stanec and Dolus McCormick (see below), who incidentally harmonize very well and very often. Despite who is taking the lead, the vocal delivery is heartfelt and warm, and often contains some nice moments where the notes are sustained, with “It’s All Gone To Hell” being the best example.

The CD is front-loaded with the best tracks being “Goddamn Shame”, “It’s All Gone To Hell”, and “They Won’t Catch Me Now”. The latter half of the record is not bad by any means, but collectively it lacks the instant likability of the first half. Still, this is a very consistent CD that you can enjoy from start to finish.

“Geronimo” would have fit perfectly with the rise of melodic rock acts during the mid-90s that made us begin scratching at heads while listening to lingering grunge, wondering, “What the hell were we thinking?”. Like the bands Gin Blossoms, Del Amitri, and Better Than Ezra, First In Space is the kind of band that could reinstate pop rock and make it cool again. First In Space should be in orbit around your head.

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First In Space on MySpace. Official site.

You can find First In Space CDs at Not Lame Records, Kool Kat Musik, and CDbaby, or it can be downloaded at First IN Space - Geronimo,, Last.FM, Rhapsody, Napster, etc.

Catch them on tour:
NY, NY Oct. 9th at Kenny’s Castaways
Pittsburgh, PA Oct. 22nd at Club Cafe
Youngstown, OH Oct. 24th at Cedars Lounge
Akron, OH Nov. 27th at Musica
Akron, OH Dec. 4th at Annabelle’s

Here is a track listing and which member is doing the lead vocal:
1. Goddamn Shame- Dolus McCormick
2. It’s All Gone To Hell- Johnny Stanec
3. Take It Away- Dolus McCormick
4. They Won’t Catch Me Now- Johnny Stanec
5. In My Dreams- Johnny Stanec
6. Stuck Around You- Dolus McCormick
7. When I Was Young (I Was Cruel)- Johnny Stanec
8. Down On Me- Dolus McCormick
9. Taking Over- Dolus McCormick
10. End of the Night- Johnny Stanec