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CD Review: Flood Of Red – Leaving Everything Behind

flood redThere may just be a band here to take the crown from Fightstar as Emo kings.

Glasgow based Flood Of Red have just released their debut album and are taking a very D.I.Y method of promoting the music.

Offering free downloads and the chance to buy their album for one dollar is certainly a way to gain fans.

This is not to say Flood Of Red need to use gimmicks to get attention for their music.

‘Leaving Everything Behind’ is an album bursting at the seams with emotionally epic sounding songs.
‘The Harmony’ is a prime example showcasing the feel of the album, big choruses, searing guitars, and dramatic synth.

It is reminiscent of Stateside Rockers Paramore, but with a softer edge.

Other standout tracks are the immensely catchy ‘A Place Before The End’, and the beautifully crafted ‘Home, Run (1997)’.

The only negative point would be that vocalist Jordan Spiers appears to have a voice more suited to the softer tracks, with the power of the music occasionally overpowering him.

Apart from this, ‘Leaving Everything Behind’ is a barnstormer of an album having every ingredient needed to please even the most ardent Emo fan.

Aaron Phillips