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CD Review: Foster McGinty “Peach Red”

When people say that there is no one out there creating straight-out rock music anymore, they just don’t know where to look. Throughout the last decade, many bands and musicians have been going back to the bands and musicians that were big in decades past and taking these people as influences. As a result of this, many classic rock sounds are making their ways back into the music being made by today’s musicians. One of the people who have incorporated a lot of the classic rock sound into their modern day music is the musician Foster McGinty.

When listening to Peach Red, the debut album from Foster McGinty, the first thing that immediately comes to mind is that McGinty seems to channel musicians like Hendrix, and bands like Cream or any of the other bands that were around at the end of the sixties and beginning of the seventies. In fact, had Foster McGinty had been alive and about 20 years old at the time of Woodstock, he could easily had fit with the rest of the musicians that had taken to the stage at that famous gathering of some of the most popular musical acts of the time.

Foster McGinty’s writing, guitar playing and singing are perfect to create a classic rock sound. But to create the whole package, McGinty had some help in creating the music on Peach Red. Along with McGinty, the other musicians on Peach Red include: Trifon Dimitrov on electric bass, David Butler on drums, and Doran Danoff on organ & Wurlitzer. These musicians help to create a wonderful musical combo that sound like they were born to play this style of rock. And together, the four players make a combo that would give any classic rock lover plenty to enjoy with their style of music.

Other things that make the listener think that Foster McGinty’s music fits into a different time period would be the subject matter of the songs and the production value of the music. The songs written by McGinty reflect back to a time when people were interested in peace, love, and harmony. When not singing about the emotion of love, songs like “Dream Catcher,”  “Turquoise,” “Can’t Help But Shine” and others from McGinty contain elements of colors, sights, and feelings. McGinty even takes a stand against conflict with his anthem “War Machine”.

When talking about the feeling of the album, the production value of the music includes things like music fading from one channel into another, which creates a stereo effect, the use of a wah-wah pedal, and echo effects on the vocals, all of which give the album a great retro feeling. If it was McGinty’s desire to make an album that takes the listener back to a time that featured some of the most creative writing, he certainly achieved that with his debut album of Peach Red.

Peach Red features ten tracks of great classic rock. Starting with “Can’t Help But Shine” (which contains a musical feel that brings to mind the playing ability of Jimi Hendrix as well as containing such elements as the aforementioned wah-wah pedal) and going all the way through to “My Time of Uncertainty,” there isn’t one track that will disappoint. Along with probably the best track of the album, “Can’t Help But Shine,” some of the best tracks to jam out to on the release include: “Hard Jelly,” “Burning Bee Hive,” and “Darlyn Giver”. These and other tracks are great to listen to and will easily fill the void you may have for songs from the fifties, sixties and into the seventies.

If you like people like Hendrix, Clapton, Cream, or other bands from that time period, Foster McGinty has created a great release of music that you need to hear as the music on the Peach Red album makes good use of musical styles and musician influences from that era. For those looking for more music that would easily fit into your record collection consisting of artists such as Donovan, Dion, Janis Joplin and others, Foster McGinty’s album entitled Peach Red is the ultimate time machine to the era when people were making the style that has since been called “Classic Rock”. To discover the music of Foster McGinty, you can find him at You can also find him on MySpace at

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