CD Review: “Get Better” by Lemuria

It is an all-too-rare a treat to find an album that speaks to you so loudly that it makes you instantly fall in love with it. An album that has that type of power contains that special something that makes you want to listen to it over and over again. Usually when you happen to find that kind of album, it moves everything else down the list and immediately becomes your favorite album. The album that just recently shifted every other album down the list for me is “Get Better,” the current release from the band Lemuria.

Lemuria is a trio that consists of main writer/drummer/sings Alexander Kerns, singer/guitarist/writer Sheena Ozzella, and bassist Jason Draper. The band writes music that can sometimes be described as “three-chord rock.” However, there is also a large amount of “indie rock” in their style, as well. So, the best way of describing Lemuria’s style is to simply call it “three-chord indie rock”.
One of the reasons I have enjoyed this album so much is because of how fast the twelve tracks on the CD seemed to go by. I put the CD on for the first time and was amazed at how fast the album came to an end. I literally looked at the CD player when the CD finished and wondered aloud “That’s It?!”

Alexander Kerns writes the majority of the songs on the album. However, Sheena Ozzella contributed three songs that she penned on her own and one co-written with Kerns. Jason Draper also added a song of his own to the album. The members seem to have the same feel to their writing; so much so that without looking at the credits, it is impossible to tell who wrote what.
If you were to take each of the band members by themselves, you would end up with three musicians that would not be that far from average. But once you take the three pieces to the puzzle and combine them, you end up with a band that has the talent required to create a really good release such as “Get Better”.

The band’s playing style is the most obvious thing that catches your ear. But it is also the sense of humor that each musician adds to their songs that really lets the listener know that the band is something special.
Each song on Lemuria’s latest release of “Get Better” is great. There is not one misstep on this album, in my opinion. Once you put the album on, the last second of the release seems to arrive way too fast. And the CD’s 29-minute play list adds to the feeling of wanting more.

The expression has always been “Leave them wanting more”. And that’s just what Lemuria has done on their latest album. In my opinion, the playlist that is just under 30 minutes is TOO DAMN SHORT. But I feel almost certain that I would feel that way had the album been twice as long. If you like indie rock, “Get Better” by Lemuria is definitely worth your time and money.

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