CD Review: Heaven’s Burning – “Free Agents (Soul’d Here)”

From the Southern California indie music scene, comes Heaven’s Burning. An all female alternative rock band based out of Pasadena California, Heaven’s Burning features Angela Santiago Chung on vocals and guitar, Kristy Jones on guitar and vocals, and Krista MacKay on bass. With special guest musicians, Vigen Sayadian, and Ed Ashe on drums. Being popular on many college campuses across the country, Heaven’s Burning has also played on esteemed stages such as The Roxy in Los Angeles and has had major airplay on many college and web radio stations nationwide. Their sounds have been compared to early Beatles crossed with a college rock band.

“Free Agents (Soul’d Here)” is very deep once you understand the meaning of the lyrics. The first track is an 18 second 1930’s swing music style intro that took me for one hell of a loop. The fun feeling raw sounding riffs off tracks “Butterfly Psychosis”, “Gun in Your Purse”, and “Monday”, just make you want to run out with friends on a cool autumn afternoon living life to its fullest. Rocking to these upbeat tunes, I surprisingly found myself enjoying the music and reminiscing about my fun days in college. Wow! I was blown away. I was so blown away by the music that I was dancing with myself.

If upbeat isn’t your thing, there are serious more introspective tracks. “Strip Me Down” is one of those introverted songs that speak of the inner turmoil we all go through in life from time to time. It certainly struck a chord with me. The exceptionally awesome melancholy lyrics, sung by Angela Santiago Chung, give a deep intense feeling from with in. The tense sad feeling brought on by the song disappears with a brief reprised version of the 1930’s happy go luck swing music on the final track.

Coming full circle, Heaven’s Burning’s “Free Agents (Soul’d Here)” is a rocking rollercoaster ride of an album. If underground indie college rock is your thing, knock yourself out like I did. Heaven’s Burning has a loyal worldwide following. I am a new fan. The musical maturity of the trio really shows in their sophomore album. Me being a huge lover of all kinds of music, I highly recommend this album to the masses. It simply rocks!!!