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CD Review: Heaven And Earth (self-titled release) (featuring Stuart Smith)

heaven and earthWhile there are many different styles of Rock ‘n’ Roll, the style that usually gets the most attention is the style that has become known as “Classic Rock”. We all know many of the band names that make up the genre of music: You have Led Zeppelin, Cream, Deep Purple, Yardbirds….. and on, and on. These bands created a sound that many bands that have come later on have copied and tried to match. But let’s face it- there’s only one Led Zeppelin, or one Jethro Tull, or one Pink Floyd. These are the bands that anyone in the music industry, be they singers, musicians, or writers, would consider “Classic Rock” bands. And it is these bands that have set a standard that very few bands today can match. So to find a band today that delivers the same type of power and energy, you may have to create a band that is made up of nothing but musicians that have already made names for themselves in music as part of former “Classic Rock” bands. And that is where the band “Heaven And Earth” comes in.

“Heaven And Earth” is the closest thing to Rock ‘n’ Roll Heaven as we will ever get here on Earth. The band is not so much a band as it is a conglomeration of talented musicians that have come together to create the type of “Classic Rock” that was once so prevalent, but is now getting harder and harder to find. And each person in this grouping has nothing to prove to anyone, as they have proven their ability many times over throughout the years. Within this outfit called Heaven And Earth, you will find musicians such as Richie Sambora from Bon Jovi, Glenn Hughes from Deep Purple, Steve Priest from Sweet, and the list goes on and on. With people like this and more, the music is almost a guaranteed “sure thing” for anyone who wants one more chance to “rock out” to some good, hard rockin’ songs.

And even though the vast number of musicians that helped to create the music made by the band of Heaven And Earth is talented, you still need something that brings everything together. That “something” for Heaven And Earth is the musician known by the name of Stuart Smith. Currently, you can find Stuart Smith lending his talents as a guitarist to the American version of the band Sweet. And while Smith helps make that band’s classic songs sound as good as they did when the original version of the band was creating them back in the seventies, it is with Heaven And Earth that Smith is really able to stretch as a musician and writer.

With any “Classic Rock” band, part of the music created by the band would be their version of American blues songs. Heaven And Earth is no exception, as the band does a great rock version of the Blind Lemon Jefferson song “See That My Grave Is Kept Clean”. That and other songs from artists like Deep Purple do show up on the self-titled release by the band, but it is the original compositions that prove that Classic Rock still exists and will never fade away.

One of the songs on the album that was done by the band was a composition called “Dreams of Desire”. J.S. Bach originally composed the piece as a classical piece of music. In the style of bands like E.L.O. or The Move, the classical piece-turned-rock song sounds just as good in this modern arrangement as the original piece.

If you like Classic Rock, you can always turn on the radio to hear bands like Cream or the Yardbirds. And while no one will ever replace these legendary rock bands, it is always nice to hear about new bands that write music in that Classic Rock style. Stuart Smith and the rest of the musicians that make up Heaven And Earth are musicians that know how to make that type of music, mainly because every musician in the band originally came from bands like that. The music released on Heaven And Earth’s self-titled album and their “A Taste of Heaven And Earth” release is the real thing and is a “must own” for any lover of Classic Rock.

To find out more about Stuart Smith and his band of Heaven And Earth, visit Stuart’s website at as well as Also check out And to check out Stuart Smith and the rest of the guys in the American version of Sweet with founder Steve Priest, go to

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