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CD Review: Heavy Glow “Midnight Moan”

Midnight MoanCalifornia-based Heavy Glow is a power trio that features a certain amount of “heaviness” to their sound, which makes the band’s moniker rather appropriate. At times, the band sounds like early Cream and at other times, they take on a much harder feel to their music. The band currently features Jared Mullins on guitar/vocals, Joe Brooks on bass and Andrew Merkle on drums. The band’s most recent release is entitled Midnight Moan.

Midnight Moan begins with the track “Lose My Mind”. On this track, the band takes on the sound and feel of the band Cream. The majority of the tune has the classic “power trio” feel to it with all three instruments (guitar, bass and drums) centered to feel as if the band is playing in one room. The band then builds the track with additional guitars from Mullins on both the left and right channels to help fill out the tune.

On the next track of “Slave Dance,” Heavy Glow continues the Classic Rock feel by incorporating elements of the classic band Iron Butterfly. And even though Heavy Glow does not have a keyboard player in its members, the Iron Butterfly influence on the music is unmistakable. The vocals from Jared Mullins on this track even feature a certain amount of Classic Rock influence.

As Heavy Glow is a band that draws a lot of its inspiration from Classic Rock bands from days gone by, it’s not surprising that some of that inspiration to the writing style of Jared Mullins and the rest of the group would also end up coming from the era of the 60s and 70s, as well. The song “Today is Technocolor (One Step Closer)” is one such song where the inspiration from the era is more than evident as the lyrics to the song feel as if they came directly from the 60s.

One of the strongest tracks on the Midnight Moan album from Heavy Glow is the song “All My Money”. Once again, the band focuses on the power trio sound of the 60s; more specifically, the sound of the band Cream. The blues-heavy track of “All My Money” is one of the hardest rockin’ songs on the album. The track is the type of song that will satisfy any rock lover’s hunger for the Classic Rock sound.

The track “Collide” is somewhat a break from the usual Classic Rock style that fills the previous four tracks on the current album from Heavy Glow. While it does contain a generous amount of Classic Rock influence, the resulting track also has a more modern feel to it. In fact, “Collide” would feel right at home on any Classic Rock OR Modern Rock radio format.

After six tracks of full-blown Classic Rock-style songs, Midnight Moan from Heavy Glow takes on a different feel for the track “Smithereen” as the song’s feel is a lot softer. “Smithereen” features Jared Mullins on vocals and acoustic guitar. In fact, it’s the acoustic guitar that is the main focus on this track. If the track was part of an album where the musical style changed dramatically from one track to another, “Smithereen” would not stand out as much as it does. However, since the previous five tracks have as much power behind them as they do, “Smithereen” feels as if it should actually be part of an “un-plugged” release, as if a harder version of the song exists elsewhere and the band chose to include the acoustic version here as a change of pace. The previous tracks simply make the track of “Smithereen” stick out more than it should.

While the vast majority of the latest release from Heavy Glow features a Classic Rock approach, the final track of “Diggin’ a Ditch” seems to feature a style closer to a more modern musical mindset. In fact, as “ Diggin’ a Ditch” is mainly guitar and drums, it really feels as if the band happens to be channeling The White Stripes and/or The Black Keys on this track. It still fits with the rest of the album, but the change of direction is enough to make the track “Diggin’ a Ditch” stand out on the release.

Heavy Glow created their Midnight Moan album back in 2011 back just got around to releasing it through the Purge Records label in 2013. As a result, the band is currently promoting one album as they work on another. In fact, the band has released a two-song single featuring two tracks from that upcoming 2014 release. The two-song single features the songs “Mine All Mine” and “Headhunter”.

With the track “Mine All Mine,” Heavy Glow seems to add a little of commercial feel to their music. The resulting track has a great guitar part throughout the track, some keyboard to add some texture to the music, and a great feel of rock and roll throughout the track. The song features a strong chorus that is fun to listen to and a driving beat that gives the song a lot of energy.

“Headhunter” finds the band slowing the pace down while still giving a lot of energy to their music. Like most of the Midnight Moan release, “Headhunter” stays true to the band’s Classic Rock style and fits nicely with the band’s earlier releases. The guitar and vocal delivery from Jared Mullins on the track proves that the band has stayed true to their past releases with their new songs. Both “Headhunter” and “Mine All Mine” give fans of Heavy Glow a strong reason to stay tuned for the release date for the new release from the band.

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