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CD Review: Heavy Glow “Pearls & Swine and Everything Fine”

Heavy Glow is a hard rock band that features a rock trio foundation. Headed by Cleveland-born Jared Mullins, the band makes use of musical influences such as Queens of the Stone Age, Cream, and several other bands that contain a very heavy feel to their music. Currently, the band is promoting their newest release entitled Pearls & Swine and Everything Fine. Although the lineup for the band has changed since the band released their most recent album, the band’s lineup on the album consisted of Jared Mullins on vocals and guitars, Joe Brooks on bass and St. Judas on drums.

Pearls & Swine and Everything Fine begins with the track “45 Shakedown”. Right from the very beginning, the track finds the band creating music that fits with the rest of the band’s previous energetic library of music. With the heavy feel of the bass from Joe Brooks on the track, there is no getting around the fact that the band lives up to their moniker as Heavy Glow definitely has a heavy approach to their music. Along with the heaviness from the bass, the track features a very groovy musical approach from the guitar of Jared Mullins. The track brings to mind a combination of something from Canned Heat with the Blues flavor to the track and the power of the trio setting from the band Cream.

With the next track of “Look What You’re Doing to Me,” the band adds a little Funk flavor to their music. The quick pace to the music of the song and the funky feel of the instruments give the track a slightly bouncy feel. While the trio setting of the band limits the amount of Funk flavor that the band can produce, the track has a light, fun feel to it.

The new release from Heavy Glow continues with the track “Mine All Mine”. Having already released this and another track on a 7” single, the band seems to add a little of commercial feel to their music with this track. The resulting track has a great guitar part throughout the track, some keyboard to add some texture to the music, and a great feel of rock and roll throughout the track. The song features a strong chorus that is fun to listen to and a driving beat that gives the song a lot of energy.

With the next track, the trio seems to channel the Jimi Hendrix Experience. On “Fat Cat,” the trio creates a track that is as soulful as anything that that group ever recorded. The bass and drum match up well with Jared Mullins’ playing that truly does seem to have the same soul-infused feel that Hendrix always had when he played. The slower pace on the track adds to the intensity of the music.

After two tracks that feature slower paces top the music, Heavy Glow picks up the pace on “Domino (Black Flowers)”. The quicker pace to the music seems to add an upbeat feeling to the music while the lyrics seems to add a dark edge to the track as the lyrics describe a relationship that is now all it appears to be.

Heavy Glow creates a track that brings bass player Joe Brooks to the forefront as his bass makes up a larger majority of the music to the track called “Got My Eye on You”. The heavy bass part on the track gives the song a deep bluesy feel while the song still feels rather light as Jared Mullin adds a touch of guitar to the music. The song feels very infectious and the listener will find themselves starting to see along with the simple refrain to the track.

The Pearls & Swine and Everything Fine album comes to an end with the track “Headhunter,” the second of two songs that were previously released on the 7” single. “Headhunter” finds the band slowing the pace down while still giving a lot of energy to their music. “Headhunter” stays true to the band’s Classic Rock style and fits nicely with the band’s earlier releases. The guitar and vocal delivery from Jared Mullins on the track proves that the band has stayed true to their past releases with their new songs.

Throughout the ten tracks that make up the newest release of Pearls & Swine and Everything Fine from Heavy Glow, the band creates songs that have plenty of energy. Within those ten songs, the trio creates songs that contain a definite Classic Rock sound that also has freshness to it. If you find the Classic Rock sound appealing but still want something different, Heavy Glow is a band that gives you the best of both worlds on their newest album.

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