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CD Review: Heavy Glow “The Filth And The Fury” [EP]

I don’t think I have heard any other band capture the classic sound of 60s/70s guitar rock as effectively as Heavy Glow. The band is: Jared Mullins (Vocals & Guitar), Joe Brooks (Bass), and Dan Kurtz (Drums). This trio rocks it like it’s 1969.

Their new 7 track (counting the two unlisted bonus tracks) EP, “The Filth And The Fury”, will transport you to a bygone era. Heavy Glow has mastered the tones and styles that dominated the crunchy and fuzzy psychedelic sounds that permeated freedom rock. Combined with the smoky soul of the vocals supplied by Jared Mullins, you have a win-win situation. The retro vibe is so remarkably good that someone who didn’t know better would easily be fooled if I told them “The Filth And The Fury” was recorded in 1969.

My favorites from this EP include the sizzling opener, “I Almost Prayed”, the seductive “Love Ghost”, and catchy “Bourgeois Baby”. The band already has a large following in San Diego, but this EP should help them expand that circle of love. Heavy Glow will light up the night for fans of Hendrix, Cream, The Doors, and early Rolling Stones.

Heavy Glow on MySpace. Official site.