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CD Review: Hollywood Tramp “Lies About The Truth”

Hollywood Tramp is a pop/rock band with a funky twist based in London, England. They’ve just released a new four-song EP entitled, “Lies About The Truth,” with infectious tunes that wiggle themselves into your ears and head straight for the patches of neurons that govern your mobility. No lie, it is hard to resist the will to move to the beat and glide to the grooves set down by Hollywood Tramp.

Don’t let the name fool you – yeah, Hollywood Tramp sounds like a late ’80s glam band, but these four lads won’t impress you with fret board gymnastics or mile-high hair. But their music does possess a seductive lure, intertwining slinky melodies and sexy rhythms. In a phrase, Hollywood Tramp aims to get your body moving with irresistible pop rock hooks.

The opener and title track sizzles with funk guitar before launching into a standard pop/rock sing-a-long chorus. The next track, “Undone,” is very Maroon 5, with the bass and drums snaking their way around your eardrums. With its emotive vocal and relatable lyrics, “Undone” would fit well on commercial radio today. “Orthodox Paradox”, which touches on the deeper subjects of democracy and politics, is another engaging track featuring a strutting bass line that reminds me of the great Aussie band, Boom Crash Opera. The EP closes with “Now That You’re Gone,” another sweet dessert that leaves you wanting more of Hollywood Tramp.

Check out Hollywood Tramp if you dig Maroon 5, Lenny Kravitz and Prince. With their blend of contemporary pop and rock, it is hard to imagine this band not taking off in the U.K. and beyond.

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