CD Review: Hundred Days – How a War is Won

hundred-daysEvery now and again a album comes by that just blows you away. The kind of record that you cannot stop yourself from telling every person you know about, and occasionally some you don’t. An album that contains the type of songs that will be instantly etched on your brain, and the melodies constantly echoing in your ears.

“How a war is one” by Somerset based Rockers Hundred Days is one of those albums.

Opening track “Blackheart” slaps you round the face with a riff Led Zeppelin would have been proud of, and continues to send your body into spasms of rock n roll ecstasy.

“No Better” is the standout track on the album, with a chorus to die for which, I guarantee, you will not be able to budge from your mind.

Other stand out tracks include the funk driven “Teenage Stalker”, and the all out rocker “Lets take it outside”, but, to be honest, all the tracks on offer here are superbly written by a band who clearly know what they want to do, and they do it with such a confidence that it would put a lot of bigger established bands to shame.

Hundred Days are obviously influenced by the greats such as Zeppelin, AC/DC, and Deep Purple , but what they have done here is put there own stamp on a musical genre that has been around for four decades, and the finished product is simply brilliant.

The band recorded and produced the album themselves, and rather than it coming across as amateurish, it has a fresh sound that would not sound out of place on a Iron Maiden record. Even though they are not a young band, I would expect big things to happen for Hundred Days, as they are seriously very good.

Aaron Phillips