CD Review: In The Next Life “4FriendsInARoomWithAGun”

In The Next Life is a four-piece band from New York City. Much like New York City, the four musicians that make up the band come from different backgrounds, both musically and personally. The different personal backgrounds and different musical backgrounds help to create music that borrows from many different styles. It is because of that borrowing from different styles that the band’s new album alternates between many different influences. The new release from In The Next Life is entitled 4FriendsInARoomWithAGun.

4FriendsInARoomWithAGun from In The Next Life features the track “Manica Satanica”. The track begins with the sound of evil laughter before the band joins in with chanting to go along with the sound of bongos. This helps to musically set the scene as the music of the track takes on a Heavy Metal feel. The screeching guitars and the powerful vocals from singer Caroleen Stewart combine with strong drums from drummer as well as engineer/producer for the release, Tamas Vajda to create a track that should satisfy those with the need for a heavier style of music, especially for those fans of Heavy Metal from the nineties.

With the track “Hope Dies (Acoustic/Vocal),” the feel of the music from In The Next Life changes. It is the Acoustic/Vocal mix of the track that is focused on here. The acoustic guitar from Charles A Cudd II and the vocals from Caroleen Stewart are the two elements in play as the two bandmates create perhaps the softest, most relaxing moment on the release. Well, when compared to the rest of the release, at least. Of course, the acoustic guitar from Cudd still has plenty of energy as this is an acoustic version of a much harder track. Together, the talents of Charles A Cudd II and Caroleen Stewart come through as no other instruments are featured on this track.

In The Next Life’s track called “Ashes and Dust” comes complete with an alternating musical feel as the music alternates between laidback and soft and a much harder, Heavy Metal-like approach. “Ashes and Dust” begins with the sound of the drums as well as the bass from John McD. Together, the two instruments create a Jazz-like feel to the music. When Caroleen Stewart joins them, the result is a moment that feels rather familiar, as if influenced by the Sixties band Jefferson Airplane; especially when Stewart’s vocals are very reminiscent of Grace Slick. After a few moments, the feel of the track changes as the band adds the guitar into the mix. The guitar adds a bit of Heavy Metal flavor to the track before the Jazz feel comes back. While the music of “Ashes and Dust” keeps the listener’s attention as it alternates between the hard and soft passages, Caroleen Stewart’s vocals are the main focal point of the track. On this track more than any other, you get to hear Stewart’s range as a singer as her vocals stretch from lower registers to higher ones.

The 4FriendsInARoomWithAGun release from In The Next Life finds the band creating one of the more interesting tracks with “Living in the Moment”. This track features strong, almost Heavy Metal-like guitars creating the melody of the track. But while the guitars are powerful, the rest of the track is much different. In fact, the Heavy Metal feel of those guitars mix with the easy feel of the drums and a slightly relaxed bassline. This creates a definite Prog-Rock feel to the track. While not really the norm, In The Next Life’s track of “Living in the Moment” shines the light on the bass guitar of John McD. In fact, much of the track feels like a bass solo for McD. And after an extended bass part, solo drums add some strong rhythm to the track.

One final track to focus on in the 4FriendsInARoomWithAGun release is the song “Hope Dies”. If that titles looks familiar (and it should), this is the actual song that the earlier track “Hope Dies (Acoustic/Vocal)” was inspired by. While the earlier track featured vocals and acoustic guitar, the entire band of In The Next Life creates this track. Just like with the earlier song, the track features a slow pace to the music. But this time, instead of an acoustic guitar, the track features an electric guitar. The first minute of the song feels much like the acoustic version of the song as the track is laidback. Soon after reaching the one-minute mark, however, the electric guitar truly makes its presence known as the band picks up the energy level. Much like the aforementioned “Ashes and Dust,” “Hope Dies” alternates between hard and softer passages in the music, bringing the track to a close during one of the harder points in the music.

4FriendsInARoomWithAGun from the band In The Next Life finds the band creating songs that are widely different from each other. The band’s use of different musical influences makes for a very interesting and entertaining release.

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For a taste of the music from In the Next Life, check out the song “Manica Satanica”.

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