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CD Review: ‘In the Wooded Forest’ by Savoir Adore

savoir adore webYou won’t often find me seeking out poppy, experimental rock. But I can’t deny that it is sometimes catchy and appropriate, and makes good background music while doing certain chores, such as ironing clothes or dusting my bedroom. I gave ‘In The Wooded Forest’ the first full length album by Savoir Adore (a Brooklyn based indie band) a listen the other day while I was browsing the internet. I thought to myself “I’m gonna hate it and throw in Mastodon before the second song ends!”. But that was not the case. I made it through the entire album, even stopping to check what a couple of the tracks were called. Before I get into the music, i’d like to give props to the artist who made the album art. It compliments the music and what I think the band is emitting, quite successfully… and it’s pretty!

Since this is not the type of music I am well versed in, I found it a tad difficult to make any comparisons, but eventually came up with a couple that may give you a sense. There are definitely some elements (maybe the male and female vocals over dancey beats) that make me think of Postal Service, and I can find several similarities to School of Seven Bells as well. The lyrics overall don’t leave much to the imagination, but are fitting to the sound. One of the tracks that stands out on the album is ‘Merp’. The percussion on this track is slightly more Disco and upbeat than some of the other songs. It makes you want to clap your hands along. The track incorporates a 70’s feel towards the end with help of the bass and cymbal, thoroughly emitting a magnificent 7 sound. ‘Farewell my love’ is sure to make you get on your feet and move for its 3 minute entirety. The album ends with ‘The Garden’ a sweet ambient track that leaves you wondering what lies deep within the garden they speak of.

Overall a cute and playful album start to finish, a nice listen if you enjoy ethereal female vocalists over electronic, experimental music.