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CD Review: Inward of Eden “Mind Control”

Knoxville, Tennessee is the home to Hard Rock/Alternative band Inward of Eden. Together, the members of Shawn Siler, Dusty Owen, Chris Gaumond, Bill Goodman and Donnie Hall create a sound that adds a lot of energy to a lot of today’s musical scene. The band’s style would fit more on Hard Rock/Modern Rock radio formats rather than with Top 40 radio formats as their sound is closer to music from the Classic Rock era than what is currently being played on today’s Pop radio.

Having been around since 2014 when frontman Dusty Owen decided to put together a band, Inward of Eden has already released one album of music entitled Moments to Memories. And just recently, the band added to that discography with a new four-song EP. That new EP is entitled Mind Control.

Mind Control from Inward of Eden begins with the track “Slow Burn”. To start off their new EP, the quintet creates a track that, just like the title indicates, contains a rather slow, deliberate pace to the music. The power of the guitars within the track help to create that deliberate pace. As the band pushes the track forward, the lyrics sung by Dusty Owen help the listener to envision a dark, evil location containing a fire that is ready to consume all. “Slow Burn” is a strong track that helps kick off the album with plenty of power.

The next track on the Mind Control EP is the song “Devil”. Keeping a bit of the evilness contained with “Slow Burn,” “Devil” finds the band once again creating a track with a deliberately slow pace to the music. Where the two tracks separate is within the lyrical content as “Devil” deals with a person who is being seduced by an angel from the wrong side of the tracks and seeing right through her. “Devil” is one track on the Mind Control release that has enough of a commercial feel to it that it could fit right in on Modern Rock radio formats.

While the first two tracks of the EP find the band Inward of Eden creating tracks with a slow pace to their musical directions, “Mind Control” has the band picking up the pace quite a bit. And just like the first two tracks, Dusty Owen and the rest of Inward of Eden once again create a track that deals in things that are not quite based in the “good side” of life. With the quicker tempo to the music, the somewhat evil ideas found in mind control are lightened up by the more upbeat feel to the track. The track of “Mind Control” once again gives the listener something to draw them in closer to the release.

The new release of Mind Control from Inward of Eden comes to a close with the track of “Ghost of Amelie”. The track begins with the sound of heavy breathing that ends up creating a strong beat. The slow breaths and the vocals from Dusty Owen combine to form a sort of base for the rest of the instrumentation to build the track on top of. Together, the breathing and the instrumentation combine to once again create a beat that contains a rather slow tempo to it. The rest of the band joins in to create a track that contains a strong beat and a tale about a woman who now haunts a river where she was thrown in. The track’s beat keeps the listener hooked in for the four-minute play time.

Mind Control from Inward of Eden sets itself apart from much of today’s releases. From the very first track, Inward of Eden creates an EP in Mind Control that turns out to be rather sinister in its tracks. As the listener makes their way through the four tracks, they encounter eternal flames, a fallen angel, mind control and a victim of drowning forced to haunt the river where she died. The new release from Inward of Eden features strong music and songs that are literally stories set to music; something you just don’t find in today’s musical industry.

Mind Control

Mind Control from Inward of Eden will be released shortly. Until then, check out the video to the song “Ghost of Amelie“.




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