CD Review: Jann Klose “In Tandem”

Jann Klose is an internationally known singer-songwriter. The German-born artist discovered the world at a young age when he came to the United States as a young child as part of a foreign exchange program. It was in the city of Cleveland, Ohio that he discovered what another part of the world was like. And while in Cleveland, he also discovered and nurtured the musical side of his personality. But after a while, that musical side needed more than what Cleveland could offered and he made his way to New York City where he resides today.

During his time as a musician as well as singer-songwriter, Jann Klose has created and released several EPs and albums of music that feature his musical blend that incorporates jazz, pop, and other musical styles. That blended style creates a sound that has helped him gain an audience not only in Cleveland, New York and Germany as a whole, but also in other parts of the world. Because of that, his music is and has always been well-rounded as far as its sound and appeal. You can find that well-rounded sound on Jann Klose’s aforementioned releases, which includes his latest album. The newest album from Jann Klose is entitled In Tandem.

In Tandem from Jann Klose begins with the track “Love High”. Like a lot of Jann Klose’s earlier material, “Love High” is a track that feels readymade for radio airplay. With this song, Klose finds himself in a very strong “Pop” frame of mind as the track would fit right alongside other artists who fit in the Adult Contemporary radio format. The Pop influence sits nicely beside the Jazz influence that also inhibits Klose’s music. The pop-rock/jazz blend of the music guarantees that the track would fit on Adult Contemporary radio stations, but has enough Jazz feel that it would not feel out of place on Jazz formats that incorporate the lighter styles of Pop music into their playlists.

Jann Klose’s newest album continues with the track “Dear Mel”. With this track, Klose and the rest of the musicians that helped him create the In Tandem album take the sound of the music in a purely “Pop” direction. The easy feel of the track puts the song squarely in the Adult Contemporary genre. And one of the main features of the track that makes it Adult Contemporary is the strong hook contained within the refrain of the track. While the music has that commercial feel to it, the track’s lyrical content revolves around Klose reflecting on someone in his past that is thinking about. The emotional feel of the lyrics as well as the Pop-like feel of the music on “Dear Mel” makes for the perfect song for anyone who is a fan of Commercial Pop radio.

Bringing the feel of the music back to a jazzier feel, Jann Klose welcomes English singer Annie Haslam as she joins Klose in a duet. Together, Klose and Haslam bring the track “Don’t Give Up” to life. The laidback feel of the music and the light delivery from Haslam adds a certain amount of beauty to the track. Part of the emotional feel to the track comes from the lyrics that deal with the vocalists singing about holding on and pushing forward, reaching for the goal, no matter how far in front it is. The track of “Don’t Give Up” is a song that most of us should take to heart.

As Jann Klose himself is a person who originally came from somewhere outside of the United States (Germany, to be exact), it should not surprise anyone that the various vocalists that join him on this release are also all from different countries. Along with England’s Annie Haslam, Belgium’s Tamara Dey joins Jann Klose on the track “You and I (Cosmic Love)” while South Africa’s Karen Zoid joins Klose on “Pour the Champaign” and another South African, RJ Benjamin and his RJ Benjamin Voices, join Klose on the track “Win This Fight”. The truly international group of musicians that joins Klose helps to add a lot of dimension to the music on the In Tandem album.

To bring a little more of the international flavor to the release himself, Jann Klose creates one track on the album in German. The song “Hochzeitsleid” is a song whose title translates to “wedding song”. The track about walking down the aisle to get married is sung in German by Jann Klose and the music to the track has a Classical Music feel to it. So no one feels left out, an English version of the song called “Wedding Song” is also included in the album. The resulting track would be ideal for anyone’s wedding day, whether using the German version or the English version.

The feeling of the album changes with the newest single on the release entitled “Take Me To Forever”. This track changes the feel of the music as the track contains a good amount of Funk influence to the music. While much of the album contained a jazzy feel, the Funk influence feels very different. In addition, the beat of the drums and the guitar on the track add a nice groove that sets itself apart from the rest of the album. Like several of the tracks that came before it, “Take Me To Forever” has a strong commercial feel to it, making it perfect to be one of the tracks to promote the release.

The In Tandem album from Jann Klose is a strong release with many moments in its thirteen tracks that fans of pop-rock will find very enticing. If you are one who enjoys Rock and Roll with a strong Pop influence as well as and international flair to the songs, Jann Klose’s In Tandem is the album for you.

For a taste of the music from Jann Klose, Klose is currently promoting the song “Take Me to Forever”.

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