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CD Review: John Brodeur “Get Through”

JBrodeur CDBack at the beginning of 2009, a musician by the name of John Brodeur put out a new solo album. Having been part of rock bands for many years, Brodeur took the opportunity to record his own album of music. That album is named Get Through.

Get Through from John Brodeur is an album that allowed the musician to do just what he wanted as a solo artist. The album takes several turns throughout the 12 tracks of music. When a band would have a certain style or sound, Brodeur could write songs that could be influenced by anything and everything. And although Brodeur stuck to the rock genre, he took some alternative, some lite rock and some straight-out hard rock music and created the music that made up the songs on Get Through. These styles of rock that Brodeur chose to use as influences were extremely varied and that made for a very interesting album.

As a musician first, John Brodeur adding much of his own talent to the album by playing the guitars, bass, drums and some piano to the album. On the song “Heartbreaker,” Brodeur even played every musical note that was recorded for the tune. However, this was not a complete one-man-band release:

To help John Brodeur create this solo release, he enlisted the help of several people that created the music that completed the songs that make up Get Through. Ryan Barnum and Pete Donnelly, along with also adding organ and drums to the release, helped record the album. Several other musicians also added their talent to the album; along with Brodeur, Barnum, and Donnelly, the other musicians that took part in the recording process for Get Through included: Jason Schultz, Keith Hosmer, Adrian Cohen, and Seth Powell. Together with these musicians, John Brodeur created an album that proves that he has the talent to survive as a solo “rock star”.

The album of Get Through starts with one of the most upbeat songs written in the first decade of the 21st century- “Make A Change”. The song makes the statement that your future is up to you, so stay on track and “stop being stationary”. The song’s lyrics could easily be used as part of a public service message. And with the German cadence of “Eins, zwo, drei, vier!” that helps start the song off, “Make A Change” helps the album of Get Through start off very strong.

As a completely opposite effect, the album’s song of “I’m Bad” is a fun song about a person who knows he’s doing everything wrong. The driving beat adds to the fun tone of the song and helps to downplay the bad choices that the narrator seems to have made in his life.

One song on the album that gets the listener moving is “Security”. The song is about wanting something in your life that you can depend on. The song could easily be on the singles of the Get Through release by John Brodeur.

The album features Brodeur’s sense of humor:

In “Love And Misery,” the lyrics feature the line of “Give me twenty minutes and I’ll show you how to ruin your life”. And in the song “I’m Bad,” John Brodeur sings the lines: “I’m alive, at least I think I am; I woke up………….with an alien”. These and other lines help flavor Brodeur’s songs with enough humor to keep the mood light, and that keeps the album fresh throughout the forty-plus minute set list.

To find out more about John Brodeur and his music, you can find him online at You can also find him on MySpace at John Brodeur also has a new release called the Slutty Nurse EP that can be downloaded for free through the website or his MySpace account.

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