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CD Review: Johnny Beauford “A Pig Eating Past Love”

Johnny BeaufordJohnny Beauford is a Dallas, Texas-based singer-songwriter who has been spending a lot of time creating music. When he is not making his own music, you can find Johnny Beauford in the Dallas-based bands Jack Kerowax and Bravo, Max! In his short time on the scene in the Dallas, Texas area, Beauford seems to be making a lot of noise as he has already been nominated for Best Alt-Country/Americana Act for his time as part of the band Bravo, Max! And after putting out his debut solo EP called Lo-Fi back in 2013, Beauford is back in 2014 with the next release in his musical catalog.

Johnny Beauford’s new release is called A Pig Eating Past Love. For this release, Beauford took the one-man army approach and created most of the album on his own with a few parts on the album being recorded by a few of Beauford’s friends. And while one-man bands can sound very one-dimensional, that is not the situation with the feel of the music on this release.

A Pig Eating Past Love from Johnny Beauford begins with the track “Little Dance”. The track has a very simple guitar part that gives the song an easy folk feel. The folk approach to the track also allows the vocals to take center stage and the lyrics about having a dance with that special someone come through very clearly.

While “Little Dance” is a very simple track of just Beauford and his guitar, the track of “S for Schizophrenic” picks up the pace of the music quite a bit. The track features a rather sparse musical makeup where the percussion from Jonathan Jackson takes center stage as it creates a strong beat and also acts as the main instrument in the song while the guitar and bass from Beauford add just enough of a melody within the music to make the track feel like rock and roll.

The pace slows back down on the song “Ann Marie”. This track takes the music into a folk-like feeling. The song finds Beauford singing about many things that all seem to question his faith. That faith/folk combination on the track feels very natural as Beauford’s vocal delivery is very relaxed. The song is one of the most musically beautiful moments on the new release A Pig Eating Past Love even though it contains a slight edge to the lyrics.

On the song “Fire Fly,” Johnny Beauford seems to channel his inner bluesman.  The simple guitar part on the track will instantly remind you of bluesmen like Muddy Waters, Robert Johnson and others from the era of music right before the British Invasion. The guitar playing from Beauford would definitely put him right there with that era of musician. The bluesy music of the track is well-matched by the soulful vocals and lyrics by the songwriter. “Fire Fly” will have the listener thinking back to the early days of The Kinks, The Rolling Stones and other artists from that time that were finding their inspiration from American Blues artists. To add a little a little more texture to the track, Kelli Golden joins Beauford on background vocals.

While the listener has to listen to the rest of the new release before getting to the title track, it’s totally worth the wait as the rest of the new EP of A Pig Eating Past Love is well worth the time. But once you get to “A Pig Eating Past Love,” the song captures you immediately. The track begins simply enough with a simple strum of the guitar and Beauford’s vocals. When the beat kicks in, the track becomes one of the brightest parts of the release and is easily the most commercial songs on the release. The song is both original and familiar enough to have the listener wanting more.

A Pig Eating Past Love from Johnny Beauford shifts continuously from one track to the next. Going from Blues to Folk to Rock and back again, the release contains many strong moments and proves why he has been such a strong part of the Dallas, Texas music scene for years.

Click HERE for the video to the track “A Pig Eating Past Love” by Johnny Beauford.

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