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CD Review: Jon Mullane “Shift”

Jon Mullane is a Canadian rocker who’s new album “Shift” is a throwback to power pop artists of the ’80s. Like Rick Springfield, but with a little more of Enuff Znuff attitude. Jon works with Pete Lesperance on guitar, and co-writer and producer Creighton Doane (Harum Scarum) gives the sound a professional gloss. The album is full of consistent driving melodic rock tunes, opening with the workman effort “Make Your Move,” which smolders similar to ZZ Top; it’s full cowbell, overdubbed guitars, and Jon’s breathy vocal.

Much catchier is the bouncy “Got It Goin’ On,” with the ever present “Woo-Hoo” in the chorus. Jon then combines synths and guitar with great skill on “Sin City.” The songs are pretty straightforward – even the song “You Get What You Get” states, “So you better get on it,” but for those who aren’t into the whole AOR/synth rock movement it could get pretty tiresome. The soulful ballad “One That Got Away” is a true standout here and his vocal is most effective on it. Hopefully Jon’s next album has more of this.

Fans of mainstream melodic rock may find this interesting, if not typical.

Rating: 7 / 10

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