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CD Review: Josh Fix “This Town Is Starting To Make Me Angry” [EP]

jfixHot off the heels of his terrific LP, “Free At Last”, which earned a rare perfect score here at my blog BMF (review here), Josh Fix is back already with a new 5-track EP. “This Town Is Starting To Make Me Angry” is an all-too-brief musical meditation on our sorry tendencies to persist in wanting trivial things while a hurricane of poverty and suffering devastates the rest of the world.

Not that you’d easily pick that up in these wonderfully catchy and perky melodies and robust harmonies. Unbelievably, Fix is once again playing all the instruments and doing the vocal duties, leaving me in awe of this guy’s talent. With this latest EP, Fix solidifies his righteous position to be this generation’s Elton John/Billy Joel.

Nearly every track on “This Town Is Starting To Make Me Angry” shines with brilliance and it just seems to get better as it goes. “Dirty Bloody Naked” is a classic Fix groove, with crisp electric guitar accentuating the jingly piano on this melodious gem. The instantly infectious “Ghosts In Your Head” is my favorite of the bunch. I had a surprising affection for his more low key number, “Dear Lord”, a bare bones acoustic ditty with deeply introspective lyrics. “Barely Insane” has a mild disco flavor, bringing potent hints of E.L.O. to mind – it is another fun and rewarding treat for the ears. The only track that I felt a little ho-hum was the title track.

Just enough to whet your appetite, the EP will leave you salivating for his next full-length release, which we hope is not far away. We need another Fix already!

iPOD-worthy: 2, 3, 4, 5

Josh Fix on MySpace. Official site.