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CD Review: Josh Thorner “Sounds of the Drum”

I recently had the pleasure of seeing Josh Thorner, 20, live. It is a very rare artist who impresses me. He is one of the best sounding singers I have heard in a long time. After hearing him, I had to find out more. I discovered Sounds of the Drum. Listening to this album sounded like listening to Josh Thorner baring his soul.

2010’s Sound of the Drums reminded me of a time in my life I felt romantic. Sadly, those days are long gone. The first track, “She’s Gone,” speaks of that heartache we all go through in life–the first lost love of a young teen. The tune is talking about a neighborhood girl who’d moved away.  In a way, it’s bittersweet. Her leaving, him heartbroken, yet relieved from the risk of pursuing her.  It is a great track.

“Easy to Forget,” the second track, talks about a man wondering if a woman has gotten over him or not. It’s only natural to feel that when you are in love with someone. Whatever Josh Thorner felt writing this song must have been a powerful experience. It almost feels like walking in the rain while you are crying over a broken heart. This powerful track is iPod-worthy.

“Love Brings you Down.”  Love makes you do crazy things.  Love sometimes turns your best friend in to your worst enemy. Love makes it hard for you to explain your side of the story to someone in love with someone else. Those are the feelings in this track. If you were heartbroken or jilted in some way, this song is for you.

“These Feelings Are Real” is a song about loving someone. I thinking all these songs are about one special person in Thorner’s life. Personal pain is a good source of great writing. That’s how Grammies are won. The mellow tune carries lyrics about having secret feelings about one special person. I recommend this track to any lovesick fool.

The title track of the EP reminds me of sharing a very intimate moment with that special someone. “Sound of the Drums” gives the impression of that longed-for happy ending. He finally got the girl. There is always hope, and there is someone for everyone.

Josh Thorner’s “Sound of the Drums” shows a lot of potential. This young man with an angel’s voice has a bright future ahead. I see a star in the making. I wish him luck on his career. Now I’m off to see other great rising musicians on my European tour. You have a great day. I’ll be back.