CD Review: Justin Kline – Six Songs

Justin Kline has that sweet pop vocal that sounds a bit like Cliff Hillis or Marc Bacino with some very strong melodies, and well structured songwriting that recalls modern pop of The Honeydogs with the musical sensibilities of ELO and Jellyfish. The opening track “All I Need” is pure power pop ear candy. Then “Heart Attack” continues with a sharp chorus and those pointed guitar riffs. “How I Became the Wind” shares a sunny disposition with Tim Myers and the good life. Using sleigh bells, organ, echoing guitar and “whoa, whoa” backing vocals that are so full of sugar, I got cavities just listening to it. “Kaleidoscope” is a little fuzzier, but no less wonderful, creating swirling aural imagery worthy of Roger Manning Jr. Then it takes a little alt. country ballad step forward, with “Singing In The Air.” The song features the twang of steel pedal and a galloping rhythm as it moseys along, to the twee finale in “Sunshine” which like the title implies, is a strumming affirmation of optimism. The songs lyrics here get a bit too preachy for me, and some will liken it to a Christian pop version of a Bright Eyes ballad, but overall this EP is perfect pick-me-up for those rainy days. I can’t wait for a full length album here, as Justin Kline is without a doubt, a talented musician ready to spread his wings. Just to start you off, Justin asked me to make the single “Heart Attack” available as a FREE download. Enjoy.


Aaron Kupferberg