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CD Review: Killer Boogie “Detroit”

There are many styles of Rock And Roll out there today. And there are many different bands from different countries who are adding to the history of Rock And Roll, as well. One country that has a large amount of underground bands that are adding strong Rock And Roll sounds to the genre is Italy. It is in Italy that you find the record label Heavy Psych Sounds, a label that brings you some of the hardest bands out there today. From Heavy Psych Sounds comes the band Killer Boogie.

Killer Boogie is a four-piece which features the band members Gabriele Fiori on guitars and vocals (Black Rainbows), Luigi Costanzo on drums (The Wisdoom) and Matteo Marini on bass (although Eduardo Mancini is featured on the band’s recordings). Together, they bring a sound that blends together sounds from Blue Cheer, The Stooges, MC5, Cactus and Radio Moscow. Needless to say, Killer Boogie has a very heavy sound. That sound can be found on the band’s 2015 release entitled Detroit.

Detroit from Killer Boogie begins with the track “Bad Rebel”. The track begins with the band seemingly already in the middle of a groove before they transition to a much heavier feel to the music. “Bad Rebel” starts the album off with a sound that immediately brings to mind the influences already mentioned, most notably MC5. The track features lyrics about a man person looking for the truth somewhere else.

The new release from Killer Boogie continues with the song “Riding the Wind”. While the first track of the album would remind you of someone like MC5, “Riding the Wind” finds the band borrowing a sound from the band Deep Purple. In fact, in the track, you can hear the same type of musical approach as you would in songs like “Stormbringer” or “Speed King”. And just like “Speed King” from Deep Purple or even a song like “Radar Love” from Golden Earring, the track contains a strong driving feel that would be perfect for those long highway travels.

With the track “My Queen,” Killer Boogie creates a track that changes the feel of the sound slightly. The track feels more like something from Canned Heat than MC5. Killer Boogie creates music in the song that sounds more like Blues-Rock than early Heavy Metal. The groove in the track features guitarist Gabriele Fiori playing riffs that would make Jimi Hendrix or Stevie Ray Vaughan proud. The energetic feel of the song also features a few effects in the track that gives the song a slightly psychedelic feel to it.

While some of the tracks on Detroit from Killer Boogie contain a slightly retro feel to them, “Cosmic Eye” feels a little more retro than others on the release. The playing style of the band and inclusion of Theremin-like sounds on the track add to the ambiance and retro feel of the track. “Cosmic Eye” is one track that needs to be experienced with headphones in the dark.

With the track “Summertime,” the band turns their focus on making a track that feels very timeless. The track finds the band turning its attention to a more Garage Rock-like sound. The track feels as if Killer Boogie took some influence from a band like the English band The Troggs and added some influence from someone like The Black Keys. The Rock And Roll in the track would feel right at home with bands from the late 60s, early 70s, as well as alongside some of today’s more Indie-Rock bands.

Keeping with the retro feel to Killer Boogie’s music, the track “Dynamite” brings the band’s Detroit release to a close with a song that would have been perfect for the Woodstock-era music scene. The music on the track has a slightly psychedelic feel to it while the syncopated feel of the beat from drummer Luigi Costanzo gives the track a unique feel when compared to the rest of the tracks. Like with the track “Summertime” before it, “Dynamite” brings out the more Garage Rock style of Killer Boogie.

Detroit from Killer Boogie comes from an Italian band that was largely influenced by the bands from Detroit, Michigan and it shows. The tracks on the band’s 2015 release contain a certain amount of influence from that music scene while also containing a large amount of other influences, as well. The nine-song release from Killer Boogie hits the listener hard from the first track and never lets up. The band has put out a strong debut album in Detroit and is going strong.

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