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CD Review: King Washington “Grenadine” [EP]

“Grenadine” is the new EP from the L.A.-based band King Washington. Perhaps it is the sunny weather in L.A. that makes their sound so bright and energetic. Whatever the root cause, there is no denying the vibe of cheerfulness and positivity in their music.

King Washington‘s motto: “We’re trying to bring back what never should have left.” By this they largely mean those catchy melodies and feel-good harmonies perfected long ago by The Beatles. You’ll hear some of the most overt – and wondrous – John Lennon influences on this EP. While the boys maintain that songwriting is their focus, I would be remiss not to mention their amazing musical talents. Yes, these songs have a great melody at heart, but what truly takes them over the top is how well they are performed.

The EP throws its best tracks at you first, the infectious and groovy “I Get By” followed by the sweet mid-tempo number “Angela”. Tell me you don’t hear the Lennon-McCartney trademark in the vocals and harmonies here – it is remarkable! They slow it down to nice effect with an inspirational acoustic-driven ditty called “Live On”, showing that they can sooth you as much as they can move you. The funky flavored rocker, “The Cobbler”, is another highlight you won’t want to miss.

King Washington makes the bold claim that they “will begin your reclamation of faith in today’s music”. After a couple spins of “Grenadine”, I’m a believer.

iPOD-worthy: 1, 2, 3, 5

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