CD Review: Knockout Theory – Killing The Past

Knockout Theory are a Punk/Rock/Alternative band from New Jersey, U.S.A. They are self-proclaimed melodic Punk Rock act and are the brainchild of Brian Strelko (vocals and bass) and Jeff Hersh (vocals and guitar). These two guys were once former rivals who joined forces and formed Knockout Theory in August 2007 after they had both been playing in various bands for many years. They enlisted the services of Derek Munro to play lead guitar and Mike Carbone to play drums.

Their debut CD was released at the end of May 2008 on Vintage Vinyl and is a joyously exuberant collection of 11 top quality tracks, called Killing the Past.

Each track contains a good solid heavy drumming and lively vibrant bass backbeat with a highly enjoyable blend of guitar harmonies and great big ripping riffs. They even throw in some great Reggae and Ska styled rhythms to complete the mix.


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  1. These guys are great! I’ve been looking for a punk rock band with just the right mix of edge and talent like this for years!

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