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CD Review: Laura Roppe “I’m Still Here”

It has been a few years since the first CD from San Diego-based singer-songwriter Laura Roppe. That first CD of Girl Like This is a solid release that has two sides- one that is country-flavored and one that is more folk-rock flavored. Now, Roppe has returned with a new CD that is just as solid; but this time, Roppe takes the time to explore many different genres of music to create her new release of I’m Still Here

I’m Still Here from Laura Roppe begins with “Bail Yourself Out”. The rock-flavored track is an energetic song about being your own savior and making your own destiny.

“Heart inside Your Palm” is a love song. The track is about treating the one you love with respect, the way you would want to be treated.

The album continues with a bouncy track entitled “Little Stick of Dynamite”. The song is about someone who is ready to take off at any moment, to make the world know that she exists.

“Making a Living” is a track that has a very infectious refrain. I dare anyone not to sing along with the song.

“Daddy’s Little Angels” is a track that sounds like it should have come off of Laura Roppe’s first album of Girl Like This: This track has a very strong country flavor to it, complete with fiddle. In a perfect world, this track would find its way onto many commercial country music radio stations. Maybe it will.

With “She’s Gonna Change the World,” Roppe sings a song of empowerment. The song describes a girl who wants to make the world a better place for everyone.

Following a song with a serious message, Roppe sings a song that has a lighthearted feeling. “George Clooney” is a song about taking a chance, and that if you never take a chance and ask you’ll never get anything.

Laura Roppe ends her second release with the title track. “I’m Still Here” is a declaration to the world by Roppe that she has not been defeated by breast cancer and that she will continue to fight as long as she must. The song is the hardest rocking track of the release. The lyrics are like a letter to the disease that tried to take Roppe down but did not succeed. It is a very positive message to anyone who has ever had to deal with something that is not very pleasant. “I’m Still Here” is both a great song and a great way to bring the newest release from Laura Roppe to a close; it makes total sense that Roppe used the song as the title for the album.

Laura Roppe’s album is as much about the musicians that helped create the release as it is about Roppe’s songwriting. The album was created with the help of Matthew Embree, a musician that has been part of bands such as Rx Bandits who also happens to be Roppe’s cousin. The production and arrangements by Embree help to make Laura Roppe’s second album of I’m Still Here strong and entertaining from start to finish.

I’m Still Here from Laura Roppe is a great second release. Many people would have tried to create another album that sounds like their first release; Roppe went a different route by creating a release that allows people to hear other sides to her talent. By creating music that is very different from the songs that appear on her first release, Laura Roppe has given the listener 13 reasons to add I’m Still Here to their music collection, right next to her first album of Girl Like This.