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CD Review: Lazy J and the Dirty Shuffle S/T

Austin, Texas-based Lazy J and the Dirty Shuffle is a band that is headed by JK Grover on Guitar and Vocals. The rest of the band currently consists of Greg Birmingham on Bass and Mike Prosser on Drums and Percussion. Together, their sound merges the style of the Blues with the energy of Rock And Roll. The band’s Blues-Rock would fit alongside artists like Stevie ray Vaughn, ZZ Top and other artists that take the Blues to the next level by adding that Rock feel to it. Having already released a CD entitled Bone to Pick in 2008; Lazy J and the Dirty Shuffle are back in 2015 with a new four-song self-titled release.

The four-song self-titled release from Lazy J and the Dirty Shuffle begins with the track “Let Me Come Home”. The lyrics of the song find the singer trying to come to grips with being thrown out of the house after a fight. The sadness in the lyrics brings the Blues to life. The music of the track begins with a very strong drum and bass beat. When the guitar from JK Grover adds to the mix, the song really comes together. The resulting track feels a lot more upbeat than the lyrics would suggest, but that just makes the song that much more enjoyable to listen to. The song and its lyrics will easily have the listener joining in as the band sings the refrain to the song. For having such a depressing concept as being thrown out of the house, “Let Me Come Home” is a rather fun way to begin the band’s new release.

For the song “Let’s Let Love,” the band changes the direction of their music as they create a track that feels more like Southern Rock than Blues-Rock. The track features a very catchy guitar riff from JK Grover that begins the song and then is repeated through a vast majority of the song. The Southern Rock influence on the song truly comes through near the halfway point of the track when Grover creates a guitar solo with two guitars. The two guitar parts together create a nice harmonizing effect in the music. The solo feels more than just a little bit like something from the band Molly Hatchet. While the track would probably fit easiest into an Album Oriented Rock (AOR) radio format, the song is still rather catchy and could get a lot of play if released as a single.

Lazy J and the Dirty Shuffle change the musical direction of their new release on the song “Till the Devil Knows I’m Dead”. The band brings more a Hard Rock sound with this track while adding a generous helping of reggae influence to the track, especially in the playing of the bass from Greg Birmingham. The drums from Mike Prosser are also fun to listen on this track as he easily moves from the reggae feel of the track to the harder Hard Rock feel of the track. Along with the slightly unusual musical combination, the vocals from JK Grover are delivered with plenty of energetic force that one would imagine that the vocals would be from something a track that is a lot harder. The six-plus minutes of music on the song makes for a nice jam for the group.

The new self-titled release from Lazy J and the Dirty Shuffle comes to a close with the song “Double Down Boogie”. The instrumental track allows the three members of the band to just sit back and jam. The track also features many different guitar parts from JK Grover as he layers the guitar throughout the track. And just like the track “Let’s Let Love” earlier in the release, Grover creates a guitar riff and plays it throughout the length of the track. The instrumental song is a great way for the listener to get acquainted with the talent of each player in the band.

Lazy J and the Dirty Shuffle make for a very strong musical outfit. And the four-song self-titled release they just put out makes use of their talents. The changing of the musical styles both helps to indicate the musical abilities of the band members and makes the EP outright fun.

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