CD Review: Leopold and his Fiction – Self Titled (Self Released)

Ever since The White Stripes became the darlings of the music world, more and more acts have explored the interesting sparseness and power possibilities of the two-man musical band. Thankfully (although I like the White Stripes) this two-man (Daniel Toccalino – guitar and vocals and Ben Cook – drums) blues guitar band band takes more from The Flat Duo Jets and traditional gutbucket blues than anything else, though the vocals borrow from The Stripes a little bit and The Red Hot Chili Peppers too with a decent dollop of country thrown in.

Atmospheric stuff, which means it’s been done right as it’s also pretty emotionally gripping as well, not to mention they show great taste by covering Johnny Cash’s “Understand Your Man”. Pickn this up if you like you some gutbucket!


LEOPOLD AND HIS FICTION: Leopold and his Fiction


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