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CD Review: Lick And A Promise “Come Together In The Morning”

You know how it goes when you get a new album: It gets loaded for the first play, as all of your attention gets drawn to it. Sometimes you may wonder why you did so and if or when it may improve. Occasionally, you may hardly notice as the music flows like an old friend singing the same old song. Every once in a while, you find something which gains your interest and draws you along, but leaves you wanting something more to complete the music pleasure or craving. When you are really, lucky you get to play something which may not instantly feed all of your cravings and as you listen, your appetite is teased with some tantalizing hors d’oeuvres on the way into a feast.

Come Together In The Morning, the second album from Lick And A Promise, fits into the last category. Lick And A Promise began in Frankfurt, Germany back in 2005 and have been busy building their own self-styled concoction of amazing uplifting classic rock ever since. Listening to this album is like a breath of fresh air, as it never fails to please.

The two founding members and songwriters of the band, Manuel Elsesser (guitar) and Jochen W. Thoma (vocals), have now been joined by Ulli ‘Dag’ Baber (drums and percussion) and Volker ‘Wolfman’ Thoma (bass and organ). Additional musicians are Thomas Geiger (saxophone), Willi Thoma (trumpet/trombone) and Peter Voll(harmonica). Just by looking at the selection of instruments, you are able to picture the kind of sound you should expect.

There are a dozen tracks on this album and every single one of these is a pleasure to listen to. These four talented musos have created a work that is so refreshingly original and creative, yet it holds just enough retrospect to please fans of good old school classic rock and also to raise the interest of younger generations back to this earlier period, which shaped and shook so much.

Come Together In The Morning opens with ‘Dance For Me’ and this song really does dance and sparkle like the gem it is. ‘Hey Hey Hello’ follows and flows on to perfection and then ‘The Highway’ kicks in, gaining a little weight and adding a bluesy feel. ‘Pale White’ leads onto ‘Loser And A Fool,’ which slows the pace a touch and punctuates the album. ‘Once For Real’ is also a slightly slower tune and again rather bluesy, the tempo picks up again with ‘Come Together,’ which really does remind me of the early Rolling Stones sound, but played with and by Lick And A Promise.

‘Throw It All Away’ just keeps the feeling moving on, as it is such a buoyantly warm song that uses vocal harmonies perfectly. ‘Sway Again’ most certainly does and then ‘Sometime’ follows, a little perky and quirky. ‘Hard To Say Goodbye’ sums up this stage of the album; You just wish for the music to keep on going, yet there is only one more track! ‘Places Of The Soul’ closes the album sweetly. You really can hear the influence of Led Zeppelin in this song and as ever, it is so Lick And A Promise.

I do hope that this album gets the band all of the recognition that they deserve!

Rating: 9 / 10

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